Fast food wars

Discussion in 'General' started by Just Ordinary, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I'm an avid fan of in-n-out, but I recently discovered five guys and have been excited. If you've been to both, which is better?

    Personally I think in-n-out double double beats every fast food joint burger. But the double double with five guys Cajun fries would put everyone out of business IMO
  2. ive never been to and in-n-out but five guys is so good.
  3. Haha yeah their cheeseburger is sichensa. The cheesy gooey patties with lettuce jalapeños is making my mouth water
  4. five guys is good but i cant go there and buy multiple burgers on a daily basis due to lack of funds. but i always get a double doub le and a cheesburger from in n out. my local in n out and five guys are just down the street from each other so i like to mix it up sometimes.
  5. Yeah I feel you. I love the crisp lettuce at in-n-out but five guys got a more gooey cheesy type burger which is more enjoyable at times. But who cares I'll eat whatever when I'm blazed ;)
  6. in and out is sooo bomb. i like 5 guys too, but oddly im not a big fan of the cajun fries. i gotta go with in and out > 5 guys though. in and out was here first in my town and ive been going there for years. i think the burgers have a slight edge too. both are fantastic though :smoke:
  7. i think both are good. they really different or atleast as much as burger places can differ. i think they are both worth going to depending on my mood, you know?
  8. I love in-n-out.
  9. Caster12 yes I feel you. Mix and match is the way to go
  10. I've been to 5 guys several times I like their spicy fries
    I've been to in n out once. They have better burgers (order it animal style!) and Milkshakes. Neopolitan all the way!
  11. animal style double double... to die for definitely. talking of food - there was a stoker cafe called 'munchies 420 cafe' or something reviewed on food channel once(man v food)... it's in florida or something... anyone been there by any chance?
  12. unrelated but related: Try the Spicy Chipotle Chicken Sandwich at Wendy's

  13. Worked @ In-N-Out for 2 years... haven't tried five guys yet (no homo).

    But that Chinese place down the street gives you a shit ton of Salt & Pepper chicken with chow mein or fried rice for only $5.43... it's like the black tar heroin of my city.

    They say there's no MSG in it, but that shit knocks you out so fast after five bites, I know they're lyin-- oh...

    In N Out.
  14. Chick Fil A is good too...:smoking:
  15. Five Guys is delicious. Bacon cheeseburger with some hot sauce. Thats the way to go.
  16. find a real local burger place that does it right

  17. YOU WORKED THERE????? did you get one of those giant paperclips they wear on the back of the aprons. i wanted to steal one but the worker would obviously feel the apron fall off
  18. yooooo wendys is so sichensa. but i love the chipotle sandwich but always gotta play homage to my baby classic spicy crispy sandwich... eat that shit all day erryday
  19. I just stopped by hardee's, and it was tasty. I'm satisfied.

  20. dude i was just about to say this. Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich is where it's at in the fast food biz right now.

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