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  1. i was just sitting here chillen and ya kno wat i realized that every fast food place has a slogan that is either fucked up or can be put in a sexual way. i dont get it what were the ppl who made the slogans smoking cause it seems like some good shitt... heres some of the slogans everyone else can post other ones that they kno...........

    Wendys: Do wendy or doo what taste right

    Taco Bell: think outside the bun or make a run for the border

    Burger King: Have it your way- You're the Boss- The fire's ready- Your Way, Right Away

    Mcdonalds: im lovin it

    Subway: eat fresh

    KFC: we do chicken right, or finger lickin good

    Zeros subs: were hot and on a roll

    Quizznos: Mmmmm toasty

    Windmill: Bigger,Better!

    White Castle: what you crave

    one more thing u can think about is how every fast food places icon or character relates to them like the king, ronald mcdonald, a sandwich , kfc's chicken, but then taco bell has a dog and their always arguing that their food isnt dog meat well idc i think it is a bit weird but w.e the dog talks spanish and is ugly as hell.............................................. ...

    Remeber when i realized all this i was a little out their soo idk let me kno some other slogans that you know realized are a little weird and fucked uppp

  2. Wow dude.

    Think you pretty much covered it for the FF in my area. :p
  3. mcdonald's used to be we love to see you smile and smile and all that shit oh! and when i was little it was what you want is what you get! shit i can't believe i could remember that!
  4. fast food is nasty
  5. KRYSTALS;....we put the onions in ,,,,to get the farts out,,,,:cool:

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