Fast food or Gourmet???

Discussion in 'General' started by clos3tgrow3r, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. your super hungry and have a choice to make... fast food or homecooked gourmet



  2. You know my answer to this one mate.
  3. no question homemade gourmet food. i get high and make feasts. ill smoke ribs and chicken for like 10 hours, make my own bbq saucses. mango habanero fish, greek spring lamb with greens, buffalo chicken with vegatables.

    i could keep on going point is i love to get high and cook, it tastes so much better aqnd is so much healthier.
  4. Pasta Pizzagna
    My gourmet I'm high creation.

  5. Damn,I'm on the fence here.A nice home-cooked meal made from scrap is better imo.I was never a sucker for gourmet shit,I'm not fancy and lately I've been more aware of what goes into my body so fuck fastfood lol..
  6. Whoa..Fast food for sure! If I am super hungry, I wanna just get something quick and easy.
    Happy meals ftw :D lol.
  7. Just gimme some Burger King and I'm good. I don't need none of that fancy ass shit.
  8. Mm Burger king is awesome!
  9. The poll should be actual natural food or chemicals, gross additives, and fillers?

    Nothing better than a nice organic, homemade dinner.
  10. I love me some chemicals. Ahh I remember coming out of the lab, without washing my hands. Eating some sushi. Licking my fingers.

    "This sushi tastes like chemicals"

  11. usually when im super hungry and i go to make a meal by the time im done cooking im no longer hungry

    can i have a healthy option at a fast food place? if not i guess i choose the gourmet
  12. Lots of fancy people here..I suppose you eat with a knife and fork also hmm?
  13. This looks amazing!!!!

    I prefer to cook myself if I'm at home and i have food. its gonna taste better, be helthier and probably cheaper.
  14. Mmm I love me some chemicals for dinner. Give me something full of those yummy additives and fillers. :D

    No food is natural any more. Pesticides in your vegetables? Growth hormone antibiotics in your milk? Almost all animals being fed antibiotics?

    Open your eyes.
  15. Rarely eat fast food anymore.

    It's too bad in the photos and menu pictures at the fast food places that they dress up the food so well it almost looks gourmet, then you get it and it looks like somebody found your cheeseburger on a cattle ranch and tried to make a buck offa it.
  16. Fast Food. I american, haha.

    They played the hell out of those commercials after 9/11

  17. I don't really know how to answer this question. I don't eat gourmet food (I'm not gifted in culinary ability and we don't have nice restaurants around my area) but I also don't eat fast food either. I just eat at normal mom and pop/diner like restaurants or just cook something average at home.

    I guess if I could have the choice I would choose gourmet.
  18. I can't remember the last time I ate fast food.
  19. With a little preparation, you canmake a killer omelet any time. All you need to do is prestage what you like in it.

    I like to keep little baggies of diced ham, diced sauteed onions, diced sauteed celery, diced cooked potato in the freezer and we always keep a good extra sharp cheddar in the fridge. Go out, grab 3 or 4 eggs from the chicken house, toss in some herbs - I really like italian blend. Whisk the eggs with herbs and some ground pepper in a bowl while some butter is melting in the pan, pour the egg in the pan while the veggies are nuking to warm, and I am shredding off a couple tablespoons of cheddar. Add everything to the eggs as it is turning into an omelet. Sometimes I even make toast =)

  20. Hook it up with a recipe *****

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