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    trying to find a fast finisher...bag appeal, flavour, potency...etc. are not of concern...i just want the highest yielding fastest finishing strain possible...even if it is something that could be cut at 6.5-7 wks and still be are the strains ive been considering:

    dinafem- industrial plant
    dinafem- california hash plant
    next gen. sc- avalon
    next gen. sc- dynamite or blue dynamite
    next gen. sc- grapegod
    next gen sc- bonkers
    delicious seeds- sugar black rose
    delicious seeds- black russian
    sweet seeds- green poison
    world of seeds- afghan 1
    homegrown fantaseeds- top 44

    if anyone has experience with any of these strains id love to know...the finishing times for all of these is between 49-55 days...and the only strain ive found some info on is the sugar black rose...for me the most important thing is finishing time...even over yield....i just want to produce as much as possible in the shortest amt. of time....also i will be using an ecosystem...or something like it...that i can do a vertical style sog grow with at least 2000 watts....all hydro...and would like to pack as many as 4 clones per sq ft...with the hopes of getting 5-7 grams per clone...thanks guys!
  2. Just stop these "im growing weed for money" threads. Seriously getting old.

    We dont grow here "just till it looks presentable".. we grow to better our harvests and learn.
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    piss off my thread...the word $$ is not even mentioned...i can grow what ever i want and how i want...just as you can...i just want to know if people have experience with any of these strains or can recommend some others that finish fast and i have not listed- as im sure there are plenty more...if you dont want to contribute with something nice then dont bother posting on my thread...

    Subsequently Posted by Chunk

    You need to take it down a notch. Name calling and disrespect will earn you an infraction. You would have one already if my colleague was a grow mod.
  4. No need for the hostility dude... I must say I'm puzzled as to why anyone wouldn't be interested in top draw smoke! Especially since you nurture the babies yourself...

    As to your strain list I'm a new grower and only have experience of one of those on the list which a mate grew for a while - Black Russian. Was a good looking lady (managed to get some good purp), yield was reasonable and it was pretty strong THC cont from what I sampled - he did say it was pretty hard to fuck up too, bounced back after he went away for 5 days without watering during flower. Can't comment on time to crop because it's not something I really pay much attention to.
  5. Chill out, kid. Hostility and disrespect don't fly here.

    Your other thread blatantly said you were "cash cropping".

    My point was simply the plan you have, will only land you in jail.

    We take pride in what we do here, we are a close knit community who help each other. When you say you "dont care about smell, taste, and just want to pull it when it looks presentable" is a disgrace to what we do here. The people who do that stuff are a plague upon legitimate growers.
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  6. well scarem im sure if you think you can figure out why potency/quality are not always a concern for people...not all of us grow out there just to have good quality herb to smoke them selves up....some of us do it for other reasons...reasons that obviously cannot be stated on here....but im sure you can see why someone doing it for those reasons would be much for concerned about finding a strain that is a fast finisher and huge producer instead of one that is amazing but takes 10 wks to finish and only yields moderately...i just finished an outdoor grow this summer...and it was not so i could have some kick ass smoke...but ill tell you if i could have had plants that finished on the last wk of sept instead of the 2nd wk of oct...i would have been much happier...
  7. well i consider myself a legit i have done from start to finish a grow makes me no pro- and i cant say that without all the help of the people on here i would not have been able to pull it off like i said...however in terms of cashcropping i think people got the wrong idea...yes my reasons-and the reasons of many others on here are im sure not the sames as terms of cash cropping...i was intending to have help finding a strain that is popular for those purposes...such as m-39 is a popular strain for canadian rather not have my thread turn into a discussion on the morals of growing- more id just like to know which strain will give me the highest yield with the fastest turn around time...if thats not something you feel is legit...than i respect your opinion and there is no need to offer any advice to me...obviously...people out there do "cashcrop" and do just fine doing it...and stay out of i not here to talk about $$$ or anything like that...just fast finishing strains...
  8. Get a real job. Smoke as a hobby. That's my recommendation :)
  9. heres a thought in the army now...cant smoke for 4 yrs...if thats not a real job than idk what is
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  10. Nursing?
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  11. I agree with most of the opinions in this thread. The vast majority of people on GC are here to learn to grow so that they no longer have to overpay to buy from growers that do precisely what you are attempting to do: crank out crappy product as quickly as possible, with no regard to quality. You cant expect people to want to help you, as growers like you are why we are all here in the first place.
  12. When I started researching for the first time, I mainly looked at high yield/faster flower so I don't blame OP. grapefruit, flowerbomb kush, kish, c99 are just some off the top of my head

  13. DUDE, you should expect a warning/infraction for this, and one thing you need to know, once you start a thread, IT'S NOT YOURS ANYMORE it belongs to the forums, so you don't get to dictate who can and can't post here. Disrespectful behavior is not tolerated on GC either.
  14. Dinafem critical+ is good for weight and smoke quality
  15. You're in the Army and growing pot?

    Best of luck on this short career.
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  16. I wish there was a like button on here for that comment and just FYI man it's scram not scarem
  17. There is a like button :) Just not on the App
  18. Don't mean to break our roll of teabagging this annoying git but I am Scarem XD

    Either way, hopefully his question on strain has been answered and he doesn't need to bother the proactive and ethical fellows on these forums again... Lets hope.
  19. Try Cheesy Dick from Big Buddha Seeds..Monster Yields. California Hashplant is good too
  20. He is just mad becuase something u said reminded him

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