fast Feeling In My Head. Anyone Else?

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  1. Ok, so sometimes I get this weird feeling, and it's quite hard to explain, but I'll try. I'll start by saying that I've looked it up on the internet, and it seems to have happened to a number of other people too, although without any scientific explanation.
    So, every few months, for about the last 10 years, I get a strange feeling in my mind. It feels like my mind is racing, my thoughts move extremely fast, although not in a panicked way. It makes you feel as though everything that is going on around you is slow, even though, rationally, you know it isn't. The feeling will only last for about five minutes. It's actually quite a horrible thing to experience on a regular basis.
    This first started happening to me when I was about 10 or 11. It all started when I had the Flu and had a fever. I had a horrible night of extremely vivid nightmares that I can remember to this day, and throughout the night I experienced this strange, "fast feeling".
    Having looked it up on the internet, there are a number of people who say that the first time they experienced it was when they had a fever, and the feeling will return at random intervals (days, weeks, years) for about 5 minutes at a time.
    Any blades ever experienced this, or have any idea what it is?

  2. I think that's just you freaking out, lol
  3. "racing thoughts" is a symptom of bipolar disorder
  4. Head rush after standing up too fast?
  5. Could be a release of dopamine maybe, but idk.

    I'm just saying that cause sometimes the effects of adderal can cause you to feel like your mind is racing and everything around you is slow. And adderall makes your brain release or make more dopamine which is what gives people that euphoria
  6. Anxiety and bipolar symptoms.
    This when people take something like benzos to slow your mind down.
  7. Hopefully just anxiety symptoms but ya I've felt it. Only once or twice that I can remember and I had a fever both times.

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