Fast approaching harvest! Milky or clear trichs right now? I'm a newb

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  1. No idea how to determine whic colour these are even after googling and comparing I'm not 100% sure and don't want to harvest too early and lose some potency.
    These trichs are off both my plants. One is sativa ( sour diesel ) and the other is indica dominant white widow.
    These trichomes look about ready ??? These are the best pics I could get. It's night time now for my babies lol.
  2. Annnd I forgot to add the pics lol

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  3. Thats exactly what I used ;) I just got It yesterday tho so those pics were my first attempt. Plus my phone camera sucks so it don't help with getting the pictures clear through the phone and the scope ugh lol. I'll try again tonight when I turn lights on and post here
  4. I'd find a smaller loupe and try to attach it to your phones camera and use the phones camera zoom to get an even clearer picture.
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  5. Leap to your local Radio Shack and get a 30x Loup'e

    you will need this device for many weed reasons later (like bugs?)

    right now

    look close at the trics

    and harvest once those trics has reached your fav color

    1: Clear

    2: White

    3: Amber

    good luck
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  6. The picture I took are with using a 60x scope. I just got it today. No radio shack I'm in Canada but regardless I do already have one
  7. You aren't getting it. Everyone is basically telling you to take a better picture if you want our help. The ones you provided are insufficient to provide you with the information you need.

    Look milky a bit and I see no amber from pic 1.

    When to harvest will depend on the particular high you prefer.
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  8. There's a difference between saying it and "basically" saying it. You know what I see ? - A bunch of people not reading my post I clearly says I already have a goddamn microscope , then telling me to buy a microscope . Nothing helpful to say ? Then Move on to the next post please. People like you are what keeps me off this site and onto others. I Don't need useless comments like yours. Just looking for advice.
  9. Thanks for the help and info :)
  10. So I didn't just tell you to take better pictures so we can help you?

    Then you didn't just ignore the rest of my post.

    You're slow fam. With that kind of attitude nobody is going to help you.
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  11. Your the one with the attitude "fam" lmfao. I'm simply a gal trying to learn how to grow!
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  12. Sorry you didn't read ahead, but I was aware that my pictures were not of good quaility. I said that in my post. Then additionally said that it was my first attempt taking the pictures and that I will try again tonight and post them here. Why did you even comment ?
  13. I believe the "when to harvest is of personal preference depending on the high you enjoy" part was pertinent to your issue.

    Also I was looking for this picture.

    When you post better pics, I will examine them again.
    Now please stop being touchy and be polite. Just because people on here are rude doesn't mean you have to act that way.
  14. IMG_1481.JPG IMG_1492.JPG IMG_1461.JPG IMG_1475.JPG This is the best I could get
  15. Pics look very close to done.

    How long since switch to 12/12 cycle on each plant?

    Pics of whole plants?

    Grow method (medium and feed)? What lighting in flower (model of light)? Grow space size?
  16. They're 10 weeks from flip to 12/12 tomorrow. About 9 weeks actual flowering. Soil grow. No feeding until week 2 of flower. Then I fed dynagro a few waterings. Now I'm back to nothing again. Just phd water. They're in a 4x2 tent, no ventilation just two fans and a open tent door for fresh air. They are under 2 - 300w led lights. Both are 150true watts. So 300 real watts together. One is all white lights the other is full spectrum with UV and IR.
    this was the plants last night. IMG_1499.JPG

    This is a better pic of my WW nearly a week ago IMG_1386.JPG
  17. Are you using the scope that hooks to your phone? If so make sure you don't have a case on your phone and zoom in with your phone all the way. I have found for me it takes better close up pics. Hope that helps. Looking good tho!

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  18. Pretty plants!! Looks healthy!!

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  19. I Decided I would take a cola off each tonight to test it out and see how I like it at this stage. I'll mark it per it's week of harvest so I can compare it to the later batch for future grows of the strains.
    I'm seeing at least 10% amber on the WW and maybe 5% on the sour D. Much easier to look once they're off the plant and I can keep my hands steady. They look so yummy . :D I can't wait to finally try it in a few weeks after a dry and cure. Of course I saved a little to test sooner. Haha. Wet weight of that WW bud is 21gr , the sour D nug weighs 13gr wet.
    IMG_1510.JPG IMG_1512.JPG
    Sour diesel ^^

    IMG_1514.JPG IMG_1513.JPG
    White widow ^^

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