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Fast and hard, shove it in and burn

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kaki, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Which strain do you think packs the quickest, hardest, heaviest punch?
  2. Vietnamese Black, period.
  3. ^^^What he said.
  4. Cool, where could I get some? Any particular dispensary?
  5. It's not normally grown for medicinal purposes. :)
  6. I haven't had much experience with vast amounts of strains, but out of the list I've tried, ak-47 seems to hit you the hardest and fastest. From the first hit you were pretty high, and every single hit you took you could feel it hit you and feel yourself get higher and higher from the blunt.
  7. best shit ive had so far, i had some bomb AK-47 once which was MAD nice...2nd best is definatly the Jack Herrar...when i get off the train in NYC my brother in law picks me up and rolls a blunt within 5 minutes...i take one or two puffs(and my tolerance is pretty fucking high) and i was fucking ZUTED. hardcore, i was buggin out, we smoked half of it, and ive never thrown out a blunt in my entire EVER life...he tosses that shit straight out the window on the Cross bronx..good thing he had alot more :smoke:
  8. Just to add to the conversation.. what are your thoughts on the biggest creepers? I love smoking, and smoking, and smoking and then having it hit me like train a few minutes later. Doesn't help for bud conservation but I've got extra cash going in to school with the best hookup I've ever had. It's like shopping at a dispensary. Oh and to me a good creeper is something that packs an AK-47 punch but just takes a little longer to hit you with the same potency to weight ratio.
  9. Why would you ever?
  10. Depending on the season trainwreck can be a pretty heavy creeper. Depends who grows it around me, sometimes it hits a little quicker. As for the quickest high? Not sure if this is a big strain outside of where I live, but Lemon Skunk seems to hit pretty quickly.
  11. warlock hit me hard
  12. haze.
    pure haze hits while im still holding the hit. and doesnt let go for hours :D
  13. #13 The Postman, Aug 23, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016

    dude! that's a strain I forgot about.. That shit did hit me hard as fuck! My friend had like a half slice of that and I had some blueberry which just tastes good as fuck...

    we were so blazed.
  14. Of the stuff I've had, the AK-47 was definitely the best.
  15. Lamb's Bread. I have only seen it an one dispensary, and they don't have it anymore.
  16. AK-47 was it for me.

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