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  1. Does choosing right fashion accessories like belts, scarves, purses can enhance your look? 

  2. Of course.
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  3. Absolutely. Your look is supposed to define your personality, taste, etc. Like me, I wear mostly inexpensive clothes but I don't settle for less when it comes to metal or leather goods. Or shades. I have an eye for quality.
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  4. Of course it does, so does colour co-coordinating those accessories with what you're wearing. E.G if I'm wearing a rose-gold watch, I try and watch it with belt, cuff-links, tie Etc. With casual, shoes and belt should match. But don't go OTT with accessories or you just look like a dick. Wearing plastic sunglasses and a Rolex is just tacky and stupid. And try not to wear caps or snapbacks or beanies with a suit. That doesn't work.
  5. I am a girl and I almost never accessorise.
  6. I'm a man, and I work in the corporate world. I also went to private school, so you could say my style is a bit influenced by that. I don't wear much accessories, but some. I always wear a watch and a belt, when it's cold outside I wear leather gloves, a trench coat and a nice scarf. I'm also a big supporter of the man purse, because when you fill your pockets with crap you look stupid as shit. To carry my shit around I always have this bag on me:
  7. Yess! Belts can accentuate waist lines and make your boobs look huge. Earrings are fun, i have like 4 in each ear.

  8. It's not a man purse, it's a satchel, and Indiana Jones wore one!
  9. If a mans gonna have a purse, It better be bloody made of kangaroo skin.
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  10. I wear Tibetan prayer beads that are rudimentary skulls carved into ox bone. that's about it though.
    Next pair of shoes I want are Diodora's with kangaroo leather. shit is so swank.

  11. Ain't a better leather than roo, Taste good too.
  12. I usually use clutches and and round shades while traveling, and at office I use poti bag which is very handy and carries lots of girly things. //
  13. maybe some quartz earrings
  14. I have a vast selection of scarves.

    The right scarf makes all the difference.
  15. Where a watch at times a had but belts a necessity as I am skinny as fuck and can't seem to gain weight
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    Of course. I like to collect different scarves.

  17. Of course, right fashion make the people looks like lively.
  18. Sure, not only clothing but also other fashion accessories help to looks stylish
  19. Watches are a biggy, especially with business attire, but they just improve general appearance imo.
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