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Fascists, 9-11, Iraq and Israel.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Zylark, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. Not so long ago, i posted a rather long thread 'bout the ties beetween fascism and the cannabis ban. This one is almost a continuation of that thread, seeing as many of the same players are active. Fascists these days got a new name. We call them neo-conservatics. Another name is anarcho-syndicalists, or merely synarchists. And through modern history, this elusive group have been responsible for some of the most heinous crimes imaginable. Worldwide.

    They are responsible for overthrowing the first proper European Republic, France, by using terror at the hand of the fascist Jacobin movement (bankrolled by certain industry and international banking parties), as a means to create enough disruption and general fear that the call for a strong leader would soon be imminent. This leader soon surfaced, in the persona of Napoleon Bonaparte. The first Modern European Fascist ruler. Keep in mind tho', that Napoleon was only a stooge for the forces that helped him into power. The aim of the powers behind Napoleon was a straightforward one. Get rid of the Romanovs in Moscow, so that Russia could be put under administration of these very Bankiers and Industrialists. Effectively, they wanted to loot the country. The eventual fall of Napoleon did not hurt these parties one bit. It was a setback.

    History repeats itself, and enter 1933. Chaos reigns in Germany due to hyperinflation created by international bankers (through the Versailles accord). President Hindenbourg of Germany is cought beetween a rock and a hard place. He can either, as most germans wanted through the election, put into power a conservative mind-bent on altering the fiscal system (especially commiting to state-financed infrastructure projects, analogous to Roosevelts "new deal") and loose international bankrolling of the schemes, or a "strong man" radical who would save the economy by letting industry mind itself, whilst the government poured out trillions to build up a military that might crush the dangerous russky-commies. Due to pressure from amongst others the UK and the international banking system, guess who got the job. Yup, the radical, the fascist, the nazi Adolf.

    Adolf was appointed Chancellor of Germany. Not long after, the German "Capitol Hill", the Reichstag, was set aflame by nazi-provocatours. The blame was immidiatly pointed towards the Jews, and sure enough a patsy was found, arrested and executed. The Reichstag Feuer, i mean fire, was used to give the Nazi-Government emergency powers. These floated through Parlament without much debate or afterthought. Afterall, we must protect ourselves from such terrorist deeds.

    Thus Adolf got extended powers, and before the german Parlament had time to catch their breath and go "hang on..." they were out of a job. Ousted from power, and Adolf and his Nazi croonies, funded by international bankers and industrialists, was in total control.

    Fast forward to september of 2001. The US got a dumbass for president, and the neo-cons that advice, back and support him are in a frenzy. Support is dwindling fast as the economy is going from bad to worse. If this continue, they would be out of office sooner than imagined. The small group of fascists that are the power behind the power is in an uproar, they need a diversion so that they can continue to hold on to power by proxy. In effect what they want is another strong man. One who can be perceived as leading, but in reality leaves the actual governing to his croonies and administrators. A new Napoleon/Adolf. Enter Bush the warmonger, the dictator. Now how do we get to appoint special powers to the President, hmm, well, we'll make a national emergency which will serve to put the US on the warpath. Oh, and we need a patsy, a scapegoat. *Ding* we got Osama in our arsenal, don't we?

    The Fascists of the military-industrial complex went to work. After all, these people make a living, a fortune, a fucking killing out of instability and conflict, so it is all in their interests. And getting Osama and his bunch to do some of their dirty-work was really no problem. They've had him doing that ever since the mid 70s. But then against their arch-enemy, the russkies.

    The 9-11 tragedy did *not* come as a huge surprise to Bush and his gang. Neither to many leading industrialists and bankers that have offices in NY. During the attacks, all the leading players were conspiciously not where they should be. Bush was in a totally different part of the country. Most of the cabinet was out "representing" instead of in their offices in the White House or the Pentagon. Leading industrialist and bankers, some even with offices at the WTC, were at home or on vacation!

    Even more astonishing, the plane that hit the pentagon, hit in such a fashion as to do the *least* amount of damage to the building as possible. The wing (or wedge as it's called due to the peculiar design of the pentagon) of the Pentagon that was hit, was recently refurbished and reinforced upto modern code. By 9-11 all actual contruction on the wing was done, and only the less important "decorative" work remained. As a consequence the entire wing was virtually devoid of people as the plane almost crashed into it, whilst the rest of the building was bustling with activety. Three more factors hint at this beeing an inside job of the Fascist Mil-Ind-Complex.

    a) The plane must have been remote controlled. The final flight path of the aircraft show that it performed a high power G-turn coming in for final approach. This sustained G-turn is not possible under human in-cockpit control. Infact, it's a miracle that the turn did not rip one of the wings off the aircraft alltogether.

    b) The aircrafts transponder was turned off! None of the other Hijacked planes had their Transponder turned off. A terrorist with a few lessons in flying will *not* know how to this. In civilian aircraft the transponder is *very* difficult to turn off. Change signal, easy. Turn off, difficult. No, why would they do that? Sure, turning it off, will make the aircraft invisible to ATC radars, but not military radars, which at the time was flaring up like firework all over the eastern US seaboard in general and DC especially. Only one answer presents itself, they needed the Transponders communication channels for handling other traffic. Like remote controlling the aircrafts fly-by-wire system.

    c) The aircraft exploded and disintegrated right before it hit the pentagon. It exploded in-air at low altitude. And at such a short time before actually hitting the Pentagon, that the explosion can only have been Remote and Computer controlled. We're talking split seconds here. Why would rabid terrorists want to do this. It does not make sense. And more to the point, they don't have the means for such an operation. The intent of an airburst-explosion is to make minimal structural damage as opposed to a kinetic-energy explosion which are design to make the most structural damage.

    How long did it take for Bush and his croonies to find a patsy. One hour, two? And shortly thereafter we got the war in Afghanistan. Merely an opening act, and staging ground for the future middle-eastern war that will follow. And it did. With Iraq. The ultimate goal: Control over the entire arabic world. The Fascists already got the Russkies into submission and under control of the international bankers (at long last, took them some time though), now islam is on the agenda. Or more correctly the blood of modern economy, energy, oil. They need, they want control of that. If the Fascists control both the currency flow and the flow of energy, they are the true rulers of the world, and the world will be held ransom to their demands.

    Already the most bloodthirsty of these have publicly been putting their sights on Iran and Syria. Soon, you'll see them going into Saudi-Arabia to control some kind of "insurrection" against the Pro-US ruling family there. Further provocation by the Israely Fascist government of Sharon and his croonies will ensure the further escalation of violence throughout the region. And Israels prize in the end, is the "greater" Israel so wished for by the War-Criminal Sharon. An Israel stretching from the Suez-Canal to the Jordan. Encompassing southern parts of Lebanon, Golan, West bank, The entire Sinai East of the Suez.

    So the war is not over. Iraq was act 2 of the middle-east blow out that is currently underway. And unless Americans get a grip and vote the perps out of office (and hopefully into jail, like Cheney and his blatant lies about "Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction") and the international community starts getting it's act together, this war will be ineviteble. And the fascist win another battle.

    And how to get rid of these Fascists, once and for all. Simple, deconstruct the international banking system, especially the World Bank and the IMF. Wipe the debt suffered by 3rd world. And reorganize, rebuild. Put international banking in governmental hands, not private. A broad alliance of US, EU and Asian national (government run) banks take over. And all lending goes to practical long term projects. Much like the US lead "Marshall" aid made Western Europe and Japan flourish, so can this new International Banking institution be able to bring prosperity to the entire world. And thus save the fragile World economy from the grim grasp of the Fascist in financial rule today.
  2. mate if ur still on, stop talkin shit, i aint even gonna read your post cus its too borin, [deleted by critter.Don,t comment without knowledge my friend]:D
  3. Excellent post Z, but there's just a few things that don't seem entirely accurate, if you could enlighten me on where you found the information i can assert it's accuracy.

    Airliners certified under part 23 and acccompanying parts of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR 23) regulate the design and certification of aircraft operated in United States Civil Airspace. Of these regulated desing factors is G-loads. I would have to refernece the exact text to give you the precise numbers, but in general aircraft of this category are to be certified with a wing loading of ~+6/-3 g with a 150% load error factor. This means that structural failure will occur at 9g during a positive load maneuver and 4.5g negative. Although 9g is an extraordinary load, human pilots routinely sustain 11g in certian types of flight aircraft. (I see these maneuvers perfomed every week)

    Of course these are trained pilots who use physical strength to remain conscious during the maneuver, but nonetheless, the structure WILL fail before a maneuver is humanly impossible on any airliner.

    Although those not familiar in (aircraft) type would not know how to disable a transponder, it is far from "very difficult" to disable, and anyone who can read the Approved Flight Manual will in short order learn that on the avionics breaker bus there is a circuit breaker that will diable the transponder. As well, a transponder can be diabled by simply selecting the off position on the Mode dial. Transponders by FAR rules must have an off position to avoid an avionics failure from interfering with ATC. Transponders can glitch and fail and cause erroneous information such as altitiude and identification. I have been asked by ATC to turn off my transponder on a few occasions when in C airspace.

    Transponder squawk codes are used to identifty aircraft. This is a 4 digit number with each digit place value ranging from 0-7. ATC assigns a squawk code to identify air traffic in the system.

    1200 VFR flight under own navigation

    7500 Hijacking

    7600 Loss of communications/navigation avionics

    7700 Declared emergency other than 7500 or 7600

    All others are issued by ATC

    If you would like clarification i can look up the exact regs tomorrow when i have "the book" in front of me. The book also gives standard intercept procedures which i have commented on in another post.

    All that notwithstanding, one single airliner operating on an IFR flight plan in US Civil Airspasce, no less the crowded and densely radar covered airspace in the northeast US which is the busiest in the world, is not allowed to go missing by more than 3 minutes time over a navugational fix along a high altitude enroute airway or deviate 500 feet in either direction in altitude If this happens it causes the controllers to react by clearing other aircraft of the violated airspace, all the while attempting to contact the aircraft by various means, and if that fails controllers are required to notify the air force, who would then sortie a fast mover for intercept and an attempt at visual communications through a specific series of communications maneuvers, wing rocking, and flashing of navigational lights. Should all these methods fail an attempt will be made to "nudge" the aircraft down to the nearest airfield where a saef landing can be made. The nudge maneuver involves crowding the airspace in front and to either side of the aircraft as the wingman holds wing position in the intercepted bird.

    This happens if one airliner goes missing, when 4 aircraft are lost in the system there should be no less than 4 pair of fast movers equipped with the standard load of AIM-9 air intercept missile.

    Whether it was terrorists or robots at the yoke it was allowed to happen.

  4. Yes tooSick, a plane that goes missing for less than 5 minutes are immidiatly called up, and failure of that, fighters get scrambled, under normal conditions. This did not happen during 9-11. As to your questions regarding my post:

    ---Excerpt from an article by Cheryl Seal

    On the morning of September 11, 2001, about 20,000 people were at work in the Pentagon. Almost no one was in Wedge one, except workers who were moving furniture in –the last step before the wedge was reopened for business.


    A. Minimize loss of life while creating a terrorist event of frightening proportions


    1. Published reports following 9/11 say the number of passengers on all four hijacked flights was remarkably light –under half capacity. There were just 64 people on Flight 77.

    2. The plane struck the almost empty, but newly reinforced, fire resistant wedge. In fact, the plane underwent an elaborate maneuver to be able to line its trajectory up with Wedge One –not only that, but to strike the newly reinforced, collapse-resistant WALL in wedge one. A suicide pilot would likely have made a beeline for the building and done a nosedive into the top, which would have caused more damage.

    3. No one in the Pentagon had been put on alert –from the time of the Bush's receipt of the August 6 memo to the morning of 9/11, when, for over 40 minutes, it was known that a hijacked plane-turned-bomb was in the air.

    CONCLUSION: In their own sick way, the perpetrators tried to keep the loss of life minimized. They kept the number of passengers on the planes to a minimum, then made sure the plane would hit Wedge One, a well-reinforced fire-resistant area where few people would be that day. In addition, they did not issue alerts because they assumed emergency evacuation might place workers in greater danger– many may actually have sought shelter, ironically, in the newly reinforced Wedge. (In an interesting side note, it has been pointed out by some observers that the planes that hit the WTC seemed to aim for the top 1/4 of the towers, as if to avoid destroying the towers and, again, in a bizarre, perverted way, to minimize loss of life).

    B. Eliminate any trace of the plane –a challenge because of the special mesh in the new wall designed to capture any debris.

    ACTUAL EVENTS: 1. Flight 77 was a Boeing 757, an aircraft that is about 60 feet long, with a wingspan of 125 feet. Yet, it appears to have left essentially not a trace of material inside the building. Brigadier General Arthur F. Diehl III, Air Force, gave this first hand account of the crash site: "No one could believe the catastrophic damage –it was horrible. A whole wedge had collapsed; the aircraft had penetrated about three of the five rings of the building. There wasn't a single piece of the jet to be seen anywhere".

    2. Several accounts and filmed shots of the event suggest an explosion OUTSIDE the wedge. Construction foreman Joe Harrington, standing in parking lot near the impact point said: "It seemed like it made impact just before the wedge. It was like a Hollywood movie or something."

    3. Although there was seismic activity associated with the WTC event and Flight 93, both of which involved direct impacts with a solid object, no significant seismic activity was recorded for the Pentagon explosion (lack of detected waves was confirmed by forensic seismologists with the US, Geological Survey).

    CONCLUSION: The plane exploded and was essentially vaporized the split second before actual impact with the wall. What actually struck and penetrated the Wedge was not the solid body of the plane but a fireball from the explosion –moving forward with the combined momentum of the moving plane and the explosion. Because the actual explosion occurred in the air and the destruction in the building was due to the fireball and to implosive forces and not a solid-solid impact, there was no seismic activity.

    3. You do not want this airplane intercepted or shot down, because your plot would be revealed if too much evidence becomes accessible (even in the form of plane fragments).

    ACTUAL EVENTS: 1. The transponder in this plane was turned off –a move seen by investigators as a highly sophisticated action on the part of the hijackers. This renders the plane untraceable by ground control. (I believe there was another reason for this –see below).

    2. Even though it was known by about 08:55 that Flight 77 had been hijacked and that the Pentagon could be a target, no defensive moves were made to protect the Pentagon. F-16s were finally scrambled into the air, but too late. These planes, by the way, were scrambled out of Langley Airforce base. While Langley is about 130 miles southwest of the Pentagon, Bolling AFB just across the Potomac from the Pentagon, is at most 5 miles southeast while Andrews is 10 miles. The Langley F-16 left the ground two minutes before the Pentagon was hit. In any case, I find it extremely hard to believe that the most important military command structure in the US is not defended by surface to air missiles! I mean, we are supposed to believe that there are antiaircraft weapons atop the White House but NOT deployed anywhere near the Pentagon? Give us a break!

    4. You want to make absolutely sure that this is a precision hit –nothing left to chance.

    ACTUAL EVENTS: 1. Eyewitness observers say that Flight 77 performed a 180-degree "G" turn before diving for the center of the long wall of Wedge One. The plane was estimated to be rocketing at an estimated speed of 400 mph. Several experienced pilots have claimed that the final maneuver of the 757 could not have been performed by a human pilot because of the tremendous G-forces that would have been exerted, rending even the simplest movements exceedingly difficult (picture your arms each suddenly weighing about 100 pounds and each finger about 10).

    2. Eyewitnesses and the evidence of a security camera show a fiery explosion OUTSIDE the wall.

    3. The transponder was OFF.

    CONCLUSION: The plane was remotely controlled by a command transmitter system at least in the final minutes. There was an explosive device on board, which was detonated immediately before impact, probably remotely controlled as well. The timing, trajectory, etc, may have been generated by a software program of some sort that could work this out to the millisecond. The plane's own transponder would have had to have been turned off so that it's operation would not interfere with a second transponder placed aboard by the perpetrators –a transponder designed to pick up the signal of a command system transmitter operated somewhere in the area. Or, of course, the plane's own transponder was not actually off –it was just changed to a new setting. In any case, turning the transponder off would not have helped the hijackers to hide from the battery of sophisticated radars encircling DC, so this motivation (hiding from radars) does not make any sense.

    edit: I'm a big aircraft buff, and know that high speed g-turns is nothing big *for a fighter*. in a fighter the pilot wears a special g-suit (i guess you know this TooSick, but the other audience might not) that pushes blood from their legs and lower torso up to their upper torso and head, so that they don't black out during g-turns. Fighter pilots also undergo special training to withstand the high g, like tightening stomach, ass an thigh muscles to press even more blood to the brain.

    a terrorist towel-head does not have this training, much less a g-suit, making the aircrafts 180' 400mph tight turn impossible for a human pilot. He'd black out and crash into the potomac.
  5. Zylark, do you know where i can find any raw data that i can analyze such as video or the course over ground track?

  6. You'll find a lot of pictures, videos and other info here:

    this site even questions wether it was a commercial 757 or some other aiborne entity that crashed into the pentagon. then again, the site is kinda amatourish, but the amount of material, pictures and links to other sources suggest at least a minimum of reliability.

    edit: why weren't fighters scrambled:

    edit2: articles about remote control of comercial airliners:
  7. one last piece of evidence for remote control. i have attached an image showing all four aircrafts flightpaths. all are complete right up to impact except for the pentagon flight, due to the transponder beeing turned off. notice the 4 90 degree turns it made just after takeoff. this reeks of automation / remote control systems check.

    edit: the red lines show intended flightpath.

    Attached Files:

  8. Why hasnt this been on the news in the US? or has it ?

    edit: i havnt read all the pages you posted but it looks like good enough proof that something wierd happend..

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