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Discussion in 'Politics' started by kokopelli, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Fascism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Feel free to go through the page and check off how much their description coincides with how our own country is run.

    Imperialism- check (Iraq war)

    Corporatism- check (Wal-mart, anyone?)

    Nationalism- check (Dissent is now unamerican?)

    Indoctrination- check (MSM propaganda...)

    Economic planning, price controls, nationalization of key industries- check (Bank bailouts, auto industry takover, czars, FED interest rate manipulation)

    Social Wellfare, filling jobs for increasing gov workforce- check (Department of Homeland security, Prison complex, Drug war complex, massive bureaucracies)

    If your gov system sounds, looks and smells like fascism. Its probably Fascism.:wave:

  2. I love the politics section

    Same shit, different day

  3. What exactly do you find incorrect in his post?
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  5. I love your responses.

    Same shit, different day.

    Please enlighten us.
  6. I think he is referring to how everyone in the politics section thinks they know the secret conspiracy about the government
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    Conspiracy is being used pretty liberally lately, eh?

    Please elaborate on what conspiracy this thread addresses.
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    Probably stems from the uneasy feeling they have that what those crazy "conspiracy theorists" have been talking about is actually happening. Remember, 'see-no-evil' types, admitting we have a problem is the first step.

    One world currency, erosion of privacy/liberty, censored media... too bad it's not a bad dream. Or maybe it is?

    The world situation can no longer be explained in terms of individual self-interest. What we have is by definition, a conspiracy. Theory, not so much.
  9. People need to get the dicks out of there ears quickly! It is not the politicians running the show here, look at the banks. This agenda has not happened randomly, but through gradualism, go back to everything is fine in america land then pussy, you are the one that is going to die if you don't prepare yourself or wake up.

  10. :bolt:
  11. It's not about the opinions he's presenting, it's the fact that there's a nearly identical thread just about every day. Oh my God, a thread about America being fascist? What a rebellious opinion here in the Politics section...

    Thank you for opening my eyes on a daily basis to just how awful my life is. I didn't even realize it when I was driving my luxury automobile to a good job, or relaxing in front of a plasma TV with a thousand channels. I didn't realize I'm like a Jew on the way to the gas chamber every time I'm out sharing a round of beers with friends. I guess I just don't draw the comparison to Stalin's purges when I'm at the park or surfing the Internet.

    You're right...I was all ready to go out tonight but I should just stay in and draw loose connections between Ben Bernanke and the H1N1 virus. Thank you for the wake-up call, my life will be so much richer for obsessing over the negative aspects of society.
  12. :D +rep

  13. This. :smoke:

  14. Lol, you got out tonight sky dog; I'll say in.

    Imperialism, Authoritarianism, Social Darwinism, Social interventionism, Indoctrination, Abortion, Eugenics and Euthanasia... FASCISM!

    Throw Luciferianism in to the mix.

    No matter how fucked up you think shit is, I guarantee it is way more fucked up than that. :bongin:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZJxMhtLGHA]YouTube - Monarch pt.5A: MK-Ultra Cults[/ame]

    MindWar paper by NSA General Aquino
  15. Thank you haha
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    He didn't say your life is awful, he said our government is fascist, and it's incrementally more fascistic every year.

    How come we don't care? Because most of us are too self absorbed in material possessions.

    Richer? Maybe. More pleasurable? No. You should probably stick with apathy.

    "Thank you for reaffirming my blissful ignorance. All is truly well in the land!"
  17. I'm sure your also driving your luxury automobile to a good job, or relaxing in front of a plasma TV with a thousand channels as you support a system that taxes people barely over the poverty line for the sake of the 'general welfare'. What you probably don't dwell on is the TV or automobile they can't buy because they're left with barely enough to make ends meet, while still working a full work week, in a job that is far below the standard of anything you'd allow your own adolescent kids to do.
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    "Repetitiveness of unaddressed concerns make them unworthy of discussion"

    "We have a bunch of luxuries... don't worry about it."

    We're at war, broham. That means people are dying (For reasons that many don't feel are justified). They're spending your money, people are losing their jobs and our standard of living is dropping.

    America might not always be what it is now
    . It certainly isn't what it was decades ago. Voicing concerns (even over an internet forum) spreads awareness.

    What is wrong with that? What exactly is your problem with it? (It sounds like your only problem is that negative aspects of society do exist ---> ignoring them probably won't help)

    "So... I don't have to care, yet, right? Thanks Skydog!"
  19. How is our standard of living dropping in any quantifiable way other than the normal recession woes? I mean seriously, has any of what we're supposed to be concerned about affected you in a direct way other than the usual bitching about taxes? Do you feel like we're living in a fascist country? I don't. Other than the fact that I can't plant a marijuana garden, I don't feel like the government prevents me from doing a whole lot that I would otherwise be inclined to do.

    And the voicing of concerns on this forum does absolutely nothing. Nine times out of ten, these threads are circle jerks for pseudo-libertarians who want to reaffirm the others' distrust of the government and cheer on stupid revolution talk. "Now's the time!" Get real. You couldn't do anything if you tried.
  20. Ha, you have no faith in we the people.

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