Fascinated by DXM?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by theVirtuoso, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. I've been doing DXM more lately, and I've grown quite fond of it.

    I've been doing ~400mg doses by simply downing a single Zicam Cough Max (its about 391 or so mg).

    It really sets itself apart from drugs, however I've found myself to physically appear obliterated drunk, but my mind is working in overdrive... I've been loving meditation and music while around my peak... even at ~400mg I reach a mild psychedelic experience.

    I haven't dabbled into the higher plateaus because I honestly don't think my stomach could handle that much... oh well.

    anyone else not just using DXM for a quick high when they can't find weed and actually really enjoy the unique and powerful experience it gives?

    coming up at the moment, but I took a klonopin a little before the DXM and I've been smoking so I guess I'm already pretty high... this is really my first "day trip" with DXM, although I'll be held up inside my place, possibly into a dark spot my smoke at and put on the music, strobe lights and stoplights... all that fun stuff.

    anyways I'm rambling... I just love DXM more than any pill I've taken (although ecstasy doesn't count)...

  2. I used to be into that stuff a lot a few years ago when I was in high school. Used to do it at school too, stupid I know. I haven't done it though since then, it was enjoyable but i'd definately choose almost any drug other than DXM, it makes me feel dirty kinda
  3. I can't take it anymore, it make me puke right before it kicks in now, used to do tons though. Took around 60 Liquid Gels, little over 900mg i think...similer to Ketamine at that dosage.
  4. Yea, I don't see it as a recreational drug. I tried it my first time yesterday and got to the 2nd plateau, I'm only 130 pounds so I didn't have to drink that much. I loved just sitting in a comfortable chair and looking out the window watching nature or laying on the floor next to my cat, I felt so much more in tune with animals. And I wrote down a journal of my thoughts, very interesting to read now.
  5. It seems like bad trips are rare on DXM and that it's usually a positive experience. Amirite?
  6. No, you aren't right Dum Dum Boy. Once you start getting up there in dosage you'll see that.
  7. ^that. third and fourth tier dxm trips can get ridiculous. people don't give this drug enough credit for being a truly respectable dissociative.
  8. DXM is my DOC.

    I have many insane experiences under my belt. I...
  9. ya i cant relate some of my experiences of the experiences ive had on dxm and how perfectly the drug fit the social function. At one time i would never go to a party without being dexxed out first. Just the perception it gives you of everyday events is so distinct its almost like the world is looked at from a totally different angle as with many drugs.
  10. yuup.

    so tired of people talking down about DXM because it's purchased OTC... like that has any bearing on the drug's effects.
  11. Well hey alot of real powerful drugs were otc at one point. Coke was.
  12. cocaine and heroin used to come with syringe kits in the 1900's magazine catalogs. i think vanity fair was one of them back then. deprived housewives bought into it.

    lsd was legal up until like 1967.

    pot was legal up until 1937.

    salvia was legal until last month here in my state

    in other words, otc is not an issue.
  13. I think its just a matter of time until its a controlled substance. I know 2 people personally that od'd but im convinced it was from the other shit in that horrid robo syrup and the individuals own stupidity in drinking 8oz.

    I mean the lawmakers have to be aware they're not COMPLETELY oblivious.

    i say enjoy it while you can.
  14. Sad truth probably.
  15. Muthafucka dissociated mid-sentence. :rolleyes:
  16. ive done about 450 before and probably one of the best feelings ive ever had once i got past the nausea....but then came the constipation and feeling of nervous system being stimulated for like 36hrs after plus not being able to eat for an entire day after but other than that its one helllll of a substance
  17. i have some sort of resistance to this drug... i took an 8oz bottle of robo w.e at just over 700 and then a bottle of pills at just over 300 i think? (pills were mistake)

    i didnt get shit but drunk feeling, robo walk, slight effects and itchy as fuck (pills)

    i weigh 150? and i smoked a shitload
  18. the magical thing about dxm, which right behind pot is my actual drug of CHOICE. is the fact that it can hit everyone in different ways. i've had trips from 100mgs to - 1100mgs. its all different and special in their own ways.

    Honestly? I have never had a bad trip, its pure euphoria until about the 4th plat. then it becomes a little harder to control on your own, but you just have to float with it.

    the only thing i enjoy mixing it with is pot on the come up. It is a very magical substance, and for all that don't respect it, GOOD more left at walmart for me to purchase on the weekends. :D:smoking::wave:
  19. Enjoy it...It loses it's magic QUICK.

  20. Could you elaborate on what you mean by that?

    Meaning dxm has short lived effects? or isnt intreauging as it may be the first time? If so i begg to differ.

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