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Farts smell like weed.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by MyMouthIsDry, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. So I only smoke, but the other day I got the chance to eat a brownie for the first time ever.

    First of all...eating is the greatest thing ever. I wish I could do it every day.

    Anyways, the next morning I farted and it smelled like weed! :D

    It was pretty funny. Didn't know that happened.
  2. you ate a good brownie then, the only edibles that did to taht me also fucked me up the day before lol
  3. Yeah that happens with edibles, when you burp it tastes like weed too.
  4. MMMM happened with my THC candies!
  5. Sometimes when i work out and sweat a lot after eating lots of edibles and smoking my sweat will just reek of skunky tree
  6. My asshole and its surroundings never dank like fire. Ya'll got some super sam abilities. :laughing:
  7. Stop smelling your farts.
  8. Me and everyone in a quarter mile radius wishes my farts smell like weed
  9. Yeah, that happens everytime :D

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