Farting Around Your Lover

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Kazaya, Sep 18, 2009.

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    Who here farts around their boyfriend or girlfriend? Who here tries to avoid it? Do you like to do it often, or do you avoid it? Does it happen at awkward times, like during sex?

    Personally, I love farting around my girl. It makes me feel free and unrestrained.
  2. I fart around everyone. If you can't fart around your woman, who can you fart around?
    I try not to fart during sex, because it kills the mood (Sometimes), but it hurts my stomach if I hold for a long time.
  3. haha 2 years in now and she has yet to hear me fart.
    i've let a couple go that i knew would be silent and not have a smell, but that's it.
    i'm not embarrassed by it really, but if i can avoid her smelling my bodily releases, then why wouldn't i save her the discomfort?
    my one friend used to fart ON his girlfriend, though
  4. ok truth be told here:

    my guy lets them rip around me, on me, whatever--and it never gets "not funny," to me. i think him farting is funny. so, he wants me in on this joke, by participating. i just dont really fart, though. i mean, i guess if i would if felt led to, but i never have to. i honestly cant remember the last time i farted. i think it has something to do with my diet. i do burp a lot, though. yeah, BIG burper.

    so, in closing, i just dont really fart.

    edit: i mean, i certainly HAVE. i just dont do it enough to answer this question. haa. im high.
  5. Yeah I have been keeping my ass bombs at bay around my girl for quite a while now. I don't know her stance on them. My family is so weird about farts, my dad doesn't even stop conversation or acknowledge when he belts one out. It's kinda funny I guess.
  6. im lactose intolerant and my house is full of weed, milk, and cereal.
    i let the nukes fly though
  7. Haahah yea i fart around my gf im completely comfortable dong anything around her though.

    But no dude i dont fart during sex lol thats just kinda sick....definitely a mood killer imo
  8. Hell yeah man, i like to hold one all day long and when im in bed with my girl, right when shes about to orgasm i let out a huge nasty wet fart :rolleyes:
  9. I just wait till a girl is blowin' me and then I let it out
  10. ehhh to hell with keeping them in!!!! the best times are when your led in bed with a girl and you can feel one coming, Let it build up a bit fart either silent or loud then grab the quilt and stuff it over her head, she may scream a bit but the loudness of your laugh drowns that out haha

  11. LMAO that made me laugh! :smoking:
  12. please shoot it the other way?
  13. My boyfriend farts around me all the time. He used to leave the room, then he starting leaving the immediate area, and now he's just like "I gotta fart. *fart*"

    As for me... girls don't fart. Duh.
  14. I did that to my girlfriend one time, she ended up punching me in the sack:(
  15. i fart on my girl all the time, it's funny

    i drop a shit in front of her, who gives a fuck

    been with her for 6 years though
  16. My ex found her own farts extremely funny, but forbade me from doing it because mine are really really rank. :(
  17. I don't really think about it, tbh.

    I tend to hold them in if im like in close proximity to someone though, unless its just the boys.
  18. hahah all the time.
    I asked him if I fart in my sleep and he said yeah and you giggle after so i always thought you were awake for them. So I guess i even find farting funny when i'm sleeping.
  19. Better out than in..
  20. we're an odd couple but he farts around me and I fart around him. He finds mine fucking hilarious. Everyone does it. It's something that your body just does. Why are you going to hide it when they do it too?

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