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  1. Hi everyone!

    I am a first time poster on grasscity although I have read along for many years. Hoping to gain and share some knowledge on here with you guys as you follow my 1st legal outdoor grow after moving to Oregon. I started this journal a bit late I know, but I hope to carry it on through harvest and into winter with an indoor grow. I have grown outdoors in the UK with varying successes and never started indoors before so that was a treat. Anyway here are the details so far-

    2x Dutch Passion Durban Poison
    1x Purple Kush (not sure of breeder)
    1x Nevil Bilbo auto
    1x White Widow auto
    I always like to grow a couple of autos so I have something to harvest before I go crazy waiting for the photos to flower!

    Started seed on March 23rd in Jiffy pots with light warrior mix then transplanted to 5 gallon pots before finally transplanting outdoors towards the end of May.
    Had 2 Viparspectra 300w LED panels in a 3.5x3.5 basement shower cubicle on 16/8 schedule.

    When transplanting to the 5 gallon pots I used a local soil mix from Naomi's Organic Farm Supply in Portland that was the most amazing stuff I have ever grown in, so light and drainy but full of goodness. For the girl's final spot in the garden I built a 3x6x1 raised bed and filled it with a local 3 way mix from a landscape supply depot. It took about 18cu ft. I mixed this with pumice and Roots organic nutrients. I used Oregonism which is an Oregon native mix of mycorrhizal fungi to help uptake of nutrients. I also added Roots Foundation and Grow dry nutrients. I did measure them but I wasn't planning on really recording it, I haven't really used nutes in the past, just compost from the garden so that's fairly new to me.

    So after a couple months outdoors they are monsters. I have been tying them and trying to bend the tops and train the lower branches up. Hopefully I can get multiple colas at the top by laying the top flatter and let them grow upwards instead of out. I am planning to cover them with a cheap plastic greenhouse, tie it down really well and start depping at the end of July to try and get a couple weeks head start on flowering as I have to be harvested by mid Sept.

    Here are the pictures to date, I will take some more pics as the grow progresses. Thanks for reading! :wave:

    20170526_183747.jpg 20170510_121606 (1).jpg 20170521_154814_001.jpg 20170531_094632.jpg 20170606_171025.jpg 20170701_104327.jpg 20170701_104338.jpg

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