Farewell To Broken Pieces Thread

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  1. Well, last night my first piece I ever bought...Bong Dylan, broke :(.

    I went over to my friend's house as I usually do on the weekends. Me and my former roommate from Freshman year at college go out back and pack a couple bowls. We come in high as hell and he tells me to just leave outside, I wasn't sure about this because lately my friend's dad comes down to talk to us before he goes to bed (he doesn't care if we drink but he wants everyone's keys). In any case for some reason I just left it behind some buckets against a stone wall instead of taking it in...

    Well a few hours pass and we decide to go smoke out on his Pontoon boat as now its about 11-11:30pm and dark. Well my friend goes to grab the bong and I'm drunk but I see there is no water in it...I'm like wtf :confused:

    Then we shine a cell phone over it and see there is a huge hole in the bottom bowl part of it.....So we go off my friend's dock and just toss it into the lake.

    Had about 3 months use out of it, was $40 out of a local head shop near campus.

    Post your broken piece stories :hello::smoking:.
  2. i dropped it, man...
  3. my first purchased peice was a bubbler, and i (stupidly) left it on my lap as i was watching a movie. i got up to grab who knows what and it fell right off my lap onto a small tiled portion of my room. like of all places for it to fall, it fell on the 1/32 part of my room that is tiled. everwhere else is carpet.

    I got a new bubbler back in... december i think. well i just got busted by my parents last week so i was forced to smash it in front of them. yes im 18 but i was not in any situation to fight back. i gave a eulogy to my peice because it truly became one of my closest friends. lame sounding but this bubbler provided me with countless memories. and i thought it hurt when my previous bubbler broke accidently... :cry:
  4. Damn that sucks man....:(

    Yea, people make a big deal out of those who say they live with parents but the site is 18+...so you'll get some high schoolers/college kids...

    Anyway, I might be getting a new bubbs but I'm not sure because I don't want it to break or be found and the price is pretty steep for a thick glass one.
  5. There was a glass table and i was smoking outside at my friends house, and the glass part on the table wasn't there because it was snowing a few days earlier, but the frame of the table was still there. So i hold the bong over where the glass would be and i dropped it and it shattered on the pavement under it.

    It was only a 40 dollar bong, but still hurts me to think about it :(
  6. god, the amount of bowls i've broken... my first bowl i broke when i got HIGH as shit at my buddy's place when he was away. I was housesitting his dog basically i'm out back grillin, smoking a bowl. Put it on the little side-"arms" of the grill. finish grilling and shit, then i start cleaning the grill with a brush. Now his whole backyard is grass besides like 2 random cement tiles by the fence where the grill is. So it goes flying off the grill lands on the ground KSCHHHHHHHHH pieces everywhere

    I broke my 2nd bowl by some mysterious fucking force. I put it on the table, and it just kinda broke

    3rd bowl i knocked down from my coffee table and it hit my MAG lite on the ground

    Then my BIG-ASS homemade bong (glass vase drilled a hole, basically made a REAL bong not some plastic 2L bottle bong) i had to toss because i moved cross country couldn't bring it with me and none of my friends wanted it cause it was too damn big. I fucking smashed that sucker :(
  7. thats sucks dude but at lest it was onley $40 go get another one
  8. yea word lookin into some bubbs for now cuz i saw this tight as one at wild side near campus...shit is probably expensive as hell dunno gonna look into a nice bubbler for under a bill...

    yea bowls aint bad they work as well haha using my spoon for now eh.

    ps: sorry shift key on my buddy's laptop is effed up, i'm drunk as hell, and people are yackin all over this place haha i might have to drive home ugh too drunk now for that...wish i had some bud lol.
  9. Well, it isnt mine, but a glass bowl my friend S bought last fall for $10... gently used, but then she broke it by dropping her purse while it was in there. Name was Morpheus, it was a color changer. She loved the design/color so much that she had our friend W superglue it, and being the teenage idiots we were, smoked out of it for quite awhile.

    Then S passed Morpheus on to my friend E, we used him a few times in the winter while skiing... and retired him for what we thought would be indefinitely. Actually, though, E ended up leaving his other pieces at a friends place so had no choice but to bring the big, bulky glued-up and retired bowl with him when he went to the movies. Unfortunately he was caught, and the final demise of Morpheus culminated in seizure by the Carousel Mall redcoats =[
  10. Haha, quite a journey that bowl had I guess.

    Shit technically I also broke my spoon...have not named it (don't really like it, wish I saved $25 I spent on it and put that towards a nice bubbler...).

    I was high as hell and was cleaning out the ash from the cashed bowl in the toilet when it broke in half hah. Taped that shit up with electrical tape, works fine still...Posted a pic of that earlier on "real pictures" thread in general.
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    Me and my friend T bought a RooR a while back, and we bought this sick 7" green and orange twisty pipe. Hit like a champ, loaded it with kief and everything for about a day, then the second day we had it, he puts it in a shallow sweater pocket bowl side out and it dropped on the floor. I heard it from the other room and cried a little :(
  12. Lets see

    the Professor $65- My first bong. Loved that guy like a brother. Dad caught me smoking and confiscated it. R.I.P.

    Sheldon $50- Small bubbler i bought at the beginning of freshman year (this past year). I had it INSIDE A PADDED HEMP CASE it fell from my hand to the floor and some how still managed to break.

    Bowl i never named- Oh i fucking loved this bowl so much. 22 bucks, packed huge bowls, ripped perfectly. Got it in like march. It was like the last night of freshman year and I was drunk as fuck. I stumbled walking across my room and flew out of my hand onto the linoleum.

    Turtle $45- I got him a few weeks after that last one broke. Like not even a month after i got it (about 2 weeks ago), i was cleaning it for the first time. I had JUST FINISHED and that mother fucker was sparkly clean. I set it on the windowsill. You know how if you're in a small room and you have a shade closed in front of an open window, the shade will shoot out when you close the door because the pressure in the room changes? Well Turtle was sitting on the windowsill with the window open, shade closed. I walked into the room, closed the door.......SMASH!!! I was like "wtf i didn't even touch it!!!!!" then i remember physics.

    I literally cleaned up the mess, hopped in my car, drove into the city to the headshop and bought a new bowl. Still have it. Its nice.
  13. ^ Damn that's a lot of money down the drain :(. I'm going to try and get a bubbler but I don't have any good smokeshops near me...gonna have to wait until I go up to Ann Arbor or maybe even until I go back to State...which would suck going 3 months smoking only out of this spoon/joints, I'd be pissed lol.

    @ Thatcoolguy: Haha, "i" before "e" except after "c" ;).
  14. i bought a huge spoon bowl, held like more than a gram i mean it was deep. big bowl as deep as someones thumb.

    i called it dream weaver. the thing was my baby.

    i was at a party...chillen..start passin it around and cash our bowl. i set it on a table for a second. start talking to someone and i turn around and see it falling off the table. i dove for it but i was too late :( it went in like slow motion and smashed in front of me...almost cried that night. first pipe i ever had.
  15. me and some friends were out camping at this boyscout place. we were wondering around at like 1130 at night looking for a place to smoke. there was a dock out onto the lake which had a diving board on it :hello: and we had already smoked a few bowls elsewhere. the water is pitch black so its scary but we jump off this diving board a few times and decide to smoke a few more bowls.

    about half way thru the second bowl, im sitting out on the edge of the diving board while my other three friends are sitting on it too. all i here is a little clink and kerplunk and then a string of profanity from my friend. somehow while they were passing it, it dropped onto the dock and bounced into the water. we went back the next day and tried diving down to find it but it was just too muddy.

    RIP Chip
  16. ^ Damn that would suck, I guess it would fill up with water and just sink to the bottom.
  17. I was setting up for a cool milk vid but I had my inline tube a little too close to the edge of my desk and it slipped off..mini spork stayed in the joint and bit the dust when it fell onto my desk :[

  18. Damn, that's an expensive piece too I'm guessing ^^^. :(

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