Farewell for now.

Discussion in 'General' started by Bourbon_420, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. Well, a lot of you probably know what I am about to address, but here it is nonetheless. Some comments made today by Wykid, AimedForDeath and others has really gotten me thinking about why I love(d) Grass City so much. Thier points were saddeningly true. The saddest thing is that in the end those reasons hardly hold any sway anymore. Things have just gone too far. Period.

    Anything I could have said had already been said, so all that's left is my goodbye. I have a feeling that maybe a handful of people here will even notice I'm gone, which, I guess, is another reason.

    No estimate on how long. Long enough for a break. I hope this will further raise awareness of the need for a change among posters here. Some goings-on are simply not tolerable. I'm sorry. I really am.

    Farewell Grass City, and I will miss you.
  2. A break is worth it. I now refuse to take a break because I am going to keep assisting Indy and Rummy on this immaturity. Like Indy told me, you can't just give up.

    Come back soon, and have a good break. There will be some 'spring cleaning' done on the boards tonight, so it'll be for the better.

  3. good, i was hoping you wouldnt leave AFD

    seems you have started a movement within the members who really care about the city, hopefully most of them return, we need all the support we can HERE to help out the admis/mods keep the city in check, it isnt ALL them, we have a part in it too and i am glad to realized that AFD

    Bourbon, you will be missed, come back soon
  4. im with you AFD im going to help things get better.
  5. Viva La Revolution!!!
  6. Its better to make a positive change then to give up on the cause. I think :)
  7. catch you on the rebound man.
  8. I would encourage you to not leave just yet, as the forums will be undergoing a massive cleanup tonight, and there will be several members that have been warned multiple times already being banned.

    We've been nice thus far about things and have extended true stoner spirit in allowing people a chance to change rather than booting immeditely, but now we're done being nice about the matter.

    We're also not putting up with any of the bs from now on, and expect people to be banned quick for continuing it in the future. Rarely do you see us act in such a dictator type fashion, but our decisions are final and we're over it, we have the power and blessing from Superjoint to alter/delete posts or ban members as we see fit to protect the forums and the interests of Grasscity. We're not going to lose contributing members to the forums simply because some are not mature enough to be here, and expect to see proof of that after tonight, and into the future.
  9. whats wrong with gc that you would be leaving? o newbies lol i just read that.

    yea these forums rock, hope to see you all around still.
  10. Be well and stay green.
  11. Well, the answer to my question is pretty obvious, just feel like doing a good deed, anything we can do to help?


    GC Is The Place For Me
  12. Word:smoke:

    Bourbon: Hope to see ya back soon.
  13. come back soon man
  14. Bourban, I understand if you need a break. However, I'm asking that you return soon. :) Indy and I are actually in the process of working all of this out right now.
  15. Bourbon, you are in an elite group of members that have earned the respect of fellow forum users... I hope this break doens't last too long, you will be missed for now.
  16. Is there something that regular people like myself and others can do to help clean up all the scum and bullshit thats been circulating through the forums?
  17. Well, I had some time to think (and smoke), and I've come to the conclusion that I'm not running away from this issue. It occurred to me that I didn't even give things a chance to improve, or even voiced my opinion. I guess now I have.

    Grass City is my place, and I'm in it for the long run. Sorry for the premature farewell thread.
  18. Yes, use the "report bad post" button, located beside the "add to users reputation" button. It sends an email to all the Mods listed on that forum. RMJL and I are listed on every forum, so we will receive an email of everything that is reported, and thanks! :)

    Edit: Same for you Bourbon, if you think it's not something in the best interest of the City, report it. Glad to hear you'll give things a chance, leaving is not the answer.
  19. farewell mang
  20. You should read the whole thread before responding, lol. Specifically three posts above this one. :p

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