Far too many bowls later, and I'm pissed because of a "story"

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  1. I hope the title isn't at all misleading, but anyways, I'm fairly pissed right now. Pissed to the extent that I actually don't feel like anything else other then pounding back cigarettes and writing this short "rant

    Anyways, it's kind of sad. I started my night like I do many others; I smoke a bowl and play some video games or watch a movie/series. My friend had managed to get me hooked on an anime series called Berserk. It has an amazingly good story, has great character development, and aplenty of severing of body parts, disembowelment, and crushing of skulls. In other words, the perfect package and will easily get you hooked on from early on. I watched the whole series just this night, smoking cigarettes and weed as I went along. 25 episodes in all, I loved how it went until I got to the final 4 or 5 episodes. I somehow managed to bond to the characters to the point that I actually felt for them [No, I'm not emo...] I usually only have this "phenomenon" occur when I overindulge myself into a great book, but it somehow worked for me with this show.

    Anyways, the reason I'm horribly pissed is mainly for the fact that the story obviously turned on me, much like you see in other stories where they just slaughter off the whole fictional character line up. The only thing is, that this series doesn't hint at all at some of these darker premonitions, so it really hit me in the face when you see the characters torn apart [literally and in terms of their relationships] and bestially raped.

    This ever happen to you? I've sprung a tear before for other books and movies, but actually having been pissed off about the "ending" hasn't happened to me before.

    Check it out if you want. It really isn't all that anime like in that they don't indulge themselves in the more common anime cliches. I'm planning on digging up whatever movies, OVAs, and manga this came from/spun off.

    [Still blazed, so pardon me for any errors in spelling, grammar, and perhaps even the coherency of what I typed]
  2. I have been there.

    You get so into these books you feel like you are there and i mean emotion comes out of you. Strong stuff.

    This is how you can tell when you have a good book.
  3. Honestly, for bonding with a show..

    Try the famous, and beautifully produced, Six Feet Under.


    Watch all seasons.

    I went through such a broad range of emotions during some of those episodes.
    And at the final episode, wow, just wow.
    I was literally crying.
    I still watch the final 9 minutes of Six Feet Under when I'm just about to kill myself.
    It makes me appreciate life so much every time I see it.
    Characters I'd been bonding with for 2 years, going through an entirely realistic lifestyle of theirs with them.

    Take a gander if you're interested, but don't ruin the show for yourself if you want to watch it.

    At 6:25-remaining into the video starts one of the most touching television sequences you will ever see.

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  4. Guts aka the blackswords man is teh man

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