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  1. I originally ordered the HLG flower initiator. It sucks. Only 3.5 minutes on during lights out, and no way to lengthen the duration, only shorten to 1.5 minutes. Never even heard back from them regarding the screws or timing. I think it will be my last purchase through HLG direct.

    Anywho, I’ll be running 2 qb3’s in a 2x4. Decided to go with the APC-12-700 with about 12w output between the 2. Should be good enough.

    Now my dilemma. I’m currently running 2x 3000k and 1x 3500k 288v1 boards in the 2x4 tent at 58-62k lux and average around 80-87 degrees (no will to run AC at .28c/kWh, just mass exhaust). Would running the qb3 for the FULL light cycle+15 mins (12hrs 15mins total) allow me achieve Emerson as well as flower initiation? Or am I better off setting my 15min increment timer to blast the lights during transition?

    I’m chopping a plant in about 2 weeks and going full tilt again when there is space. Hoping to get this set up before the weekend.
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  2. back in the days of hot rods and custom cars
    you could get an interior light box
    that holds the int light on for 5-15 minutes
    as you exit

    for 12v but could be adapted with some electricky know how

  3. If you want emerson+ initiation you cant use the timer kit because that will just turn them on when light goes out. U will need to put them on a separate timer. Regardless, i think 2 strips running at 700mA for 3.5 minutes is enough to get initiation in a 4x2.

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