Far Cry 4

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  1. Only 3 more days until the game comes out, is anyone planning on picking this up? I definitely wanna check it out.

    I remember when GI had their lil photo contest going on and being a Breaking Bad fan I had a nice laugh when I saw this.

  2. Ehh as bad as I want it, no way in hell im paying 70 bucks for a base game. Gonna wait for a price drop or at least wait and see what the reviews are like.
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    I doubt I'm gonna buy it right away myself, most likely gonna download it for my PC but I wouldn't mind having it for my PS4. I'm sure once I start playing it and roaming around I'll have a blast
  5. Pirated it today and I think it is very meh. It's very buggy and it seems alot like the last one, but I'l keep giving it a chance
  6. Good to know.
  7. I heard it is basically the same game as 3 with a little bit of improvements like being able to shoot from cars or ride elephants but very much the same game as 3.
    With that said I loved the 3rd one and can't wait to play this one. I will wait for the price to drop or see if it goes on sale for blackfriday.
  8. Apparently you can beat the game in 15 minutes.
    I watched that video, it's just an Easter egg really. In the opening sequence you end up in a fortress held by Pagan Min, and he gets distracted by something and leaves you alone, telling you to stay put until he gets back.
    Now of course you're supposed to escape when he leaves, but if you actually wait a full ten minutes real time, he comes back and a premature ending sequence happens.
    So you technically "beat" the game and credits roll, but it's only because you actually just decided to not rebel against Min :laughing:
    There's also some spoilers about Min's past in this video
  10. Pretty funny, I'm sure everyone's gonna do it :laughing:
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    I want to fuck shit up with Min. Why can't you ever play a cool psychopath.
  12. Lol Vicious clearly had good role models XD
  13. So what does everyone think about this game?

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  14. I've never played far cry so this is my first experience with it but so far I like it. I must really suck at games though because when you're escaping to the tower I basically just had to run and stab people lol...I can only imagine how much more I'm going to suck after smoking
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    Honestly, it's a flat improvement of far cry 3.. If you liked far cry 3 you will also enjoy this game.

    I've been playing for about 6-8 hours now and I've barely progressed in the story at all because I keep getting sidetracked shooting stuff and doing side missions.

    The guns sound amazing on this game for some reason btw. Far cry 4's AK-47 is my all-time favorite video game rendition of this gun..just feels right man.

    Edit: PC players who don't wanna pay $60, I got it for $45 on g2a.com

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  16. My friend sent me a 2 hour co-op Mission thingy. Havnt used it yet. I need to wait for him to get online to play it or something
  17. Dang thats cool. What systen? PC?

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  18. I thought I posted this before but this was when I started the game last week, the first bear I saw I had to put down.
  19. Has anyone figured out the second alternate ending yet?
    At least you were smart...last time some one saw a black bear they took a picture and ended up getting mauled by it haha.

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