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  1. So I never played any of the Far Cry series before but I was at my friends crib one day and saw he had Far Cry 3, asked him how it was, said it was awesome so I borrowed it and DAMN iv'e been missing out, this game is doooope. Any of you guys fans?
  2. Far Cry never really managed to get my attention so much, finished 2 and got halfway through 3 before getting bored and trading it in.

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  3. I hear a lot of good things but from what ive seen
    its just skyrim with guns  or fallout in a nicer looking tropical world, or Dead Island with guns..  If your into that, go for it.  
  4. Yeah it's pretty much a mix of skyrim and GTA but in a tropical setting with a movie type plot. Definitely into the 1st person open world games though. Something about getting high then exploring the game world just gets me so content with life lol
  5. It's amazing. Easily a 10 out of 10 game. Perfect story, graphics, dialog, music, location. Though I recently traded it in because there's not really a point in playing it when it's beat. I'm not into multiplayer, or beating games 100% but replay value doesn't always make the game less good. 
    That is the best attempt at trying to explain a game I have ever seen. "Dead Island with guns."  :laughing:
    Dead Island had guns...
    It's more like Dead Island and Red Dead Redemption.
    Sure it had guns but they were shitty and a pretty non-integral part of the game.
    The guns weren't that bad,  I was just annoyed that they didn't introduce them until past 2/3rds in, where they were completely fucking useless.
    Like sweet, 20 zombies running at me, and I have to fend them off is a fucking pea shooter and a stick.
  10. Yeah i suppose, I wasj ust never too fond of them due to their impermanence for the most part.  When i think of Dead island I think of melee head bashing, which clearly is what the designers wanted.  I see Farcry as more of a gun game because as far as I know thats basically all there is in the game and they also make the guns function a lot more well and not so clunky. 
    Right, I was comparing the graphics and gameplay more than the premise or plot. Same with Red Dead, there's a great hunting and harvesting system in that as well.
  12. Far cry 3 was one of the best games released last year imo...its one of my favourite game series, the first one on original xbox, and pc, were really fun, farcry 2 sucked though, multiplayer on it was terrible, but they made up for the terrible game that was far cry 2, with far cry 3 which is way better....i actually enjoyed far cry 3 so much, i wound up getting all the achievements off of it
  13. 8.5/10.
    Entertaining and emotionally-driven story, good FPS mechanics, using a flamethrower to burn fields of..
    ..I changed my mind. 7/10. ;)
  14. Its a pretty sick game I'd give it a 9/10
  15. Haha during the first mission you're forced to hide in shrubs of cannabis.. I knew from that moment it'd be a good game. How's Dead Island though? Never played it yet
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    I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't really call it a great game. The melee action feels good, but that's about the only thing that kept me interested. The story is god awful, the characters are cliche and terribly voice-acted, the free-roaming feels restricted and most of the time it's annoying having to travel and the gun-play is absolutely awful. I really would struggle to recommend it, even though the melee combat did keep me hooked for a few days.
  17. Far Cry 3 was an absolute masterpeice of a game.  It was quite impressive.
  18. Never played Far cry but I heard its open world I might look into it
  19. All i gotta say is Vas is a bad motherfucker and i never had so much fun burning cannabis that i didn't even get to smoke...even though i cried a little.
  20. Guess I won't be playing dead island

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