Far Cry 3 frustration

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Vee, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. I'm pleased with a gift from Santa, that is Far Cry 3, seems good, but got blazed
    and just can't get passed the guards in the opening scene, anybody got advice?

  2. Really dude..?
  3. im laughing my ass off, lol your gunna stand no chance against tigers or komodo dragons ^-^
  4. Waaaa....! Do I have to throw a rock to distract the guards..?
  5. oh i know what your taling about. when it asks you to throw a rock throw it at the objective(the window and the log i think) not the gaurd! haha thats what i was doing when i first got the game
  6. Haha you should stop smoking weed dude, its affecting your brain. Not in a good way.
  7. Dude use your gat DUH

  8. lol he has no gat in the part he's on.
  9. I'll get a credit from Santa, game looks good but I ain't gonna go thru all that bik shit again, I tried renaming that bink.dll so the vids don't run, but booted me out....true shit

  10. You don't deserve to own a PC good enough to run this game.
  11. I know man, just messing about
  12. I dunno why everyone says the tigers are so tough, they're stupid easy to take down.
  13. Well, if you use a gun, duh.

    Real men hunt tigers by throwing rocks. :p

  14. There more tigers kept in Texas as pets, than are whats free in the real world...sic!


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