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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Smoking-Hermit, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. Ok, if you could plan out a day how would it go down, how much weed, what kind, where, in the world, and more details, with who if you like, and you would not have ot worry about any negative repercrussions.
  2. Loc: Seattle, on the beach in somewhere in north, in a open windowed house, while it rains.
    Smoke: Maui Wowie, 1 pound, for however long I am there.
    Who: I would be by myself most of the time, but occasionally friends could stop by.
  3. well it'd have to be in a campe site in the woods, me and my mates campers :p

    to be honest im not bother bout what we smokeing just as long as theres at least an oz lol

    and my mates would be there too lol

    i love camping in the woods with my bus lol :D
  4. I would like to be up a mountain late night/early morning till about 11 am.

    To have 1oz of pollem and 1oz of the best weed aviable :D

    Have a few friends there, a few beers and some stoner women.

    A bong,pipe,skins,40-60 fegs,other types of smoking equipment like a lung and waterfalls, take about 5 or 6 liters of water with you and a bucket.

    That would be some session,maybe throw in a few pills here and there and some speed, then you wont get tired.
  5. Here, at my house, with about a pound... and on 4/20, in fact. Gorgeous spring day, all my friends who I've ever smoked with, and some who I haven't. Start at 4:20 AM, with everyone taking hits off their preferred pieces, and then joints on the roof to watch the sun come up. A little naptime, get back up, wake and bake, watch a few movies, keep tokin', and go all day and all night until 4:20 am the next morning. Smoke at sunset on the roof, as well. 24 hour bake with all my friends here... music and blacklights in the whole house... yeah, that would be a good day. *Grins*

    Oh. And the weed would have to be some good nugs. White Widow, Northern Lights... heck, maybe even the cross (White Lights).
  6. Location: Cafe Afrika
    Smokes: Maui and Silver Haze
    People: Friends
    Music: REGGAE.
  7. A coffeeshop in Amsterdam with my best friend and an ounce
    of the finest Northern Lights money can buy. Just sitting there
    smoking and hanging out all day.
  8. Where: A beach in Jamaica
    with: Bob marley & all the wailers (including peter tosh) and all of my friends
    a great show and best smokedown ever!
    2 oz blueberry 2 oz white widow, and a half oz of hash

    now i gotta work on bringin bob and pete back to life
  9. In my house, with my parents out of the country for a week. Three or four friends around, all sittin on a couch or something, just chillin, smokin. And definitely with my hot smoking girlfriends around too. Just a long night of smokin, eatin, talkin, repeat. And no worries about parents and shit. Thats the best.

    Lucky me, this summer this'll be happening all the time.
  10. in my apartment with my roomies, and stoner girls...also Dean and Gene Ween would be there...we always wanted to get stoned with the guys from WEEN...we just sit back, smoke some hardcore nugs and see what stupid shit we can get ourselves into
  11. Loc. - Interscope Records Recording Studio
    Bud- AK47 1 lb
    Who- Chillin with dre and whoever was recording there

    I would just chill tokin and listening to the music being made
  12. Location: Anywhere as long as ive got my true stoner buddies (rob,sam,ben)

    Bud- Selection of hash, good chronic,

    Equipment, Gravity Bongs, Joints etc
  13. Location: In a gazebo while it either snows or thunderstorms (can't decide)...any town or city will do.
    Smoke choice: As much Shishkeberry as it takes to keep myself in a constant haze, all day.
    Who: Just me and Fred. (Or maybe just me. He has a tendancy to geek on occasion, and that might ruin the mood.)
  14. haha this is a cool thread

    id say differntly on a beach with ice blue water haha ..white sand laying in a hammock under some palm trees smoking a fat ice cream cone size spliff with a qp of some widow, bubblegum, or some blueberry puffing away with a couple close friends listening to some soothing music like some reggae reminescing thinkgin about good times on a cool midsummers night or early morning watching the sunrise.

    ...i wish i lived in jamiaca lucky bastards stuck here in the US lol

    on second thought if i was ne where in nature with good bud and good friends ...thats my idea of a perfect day ..hah which is pretty much everyday.
  15. In my backyard with my 2 cousins, with an O of any kind of nugs, have a 3 person hooka, and just blazin all day long.
  16. ok me and my smoke buddy's sope and scott, maybe craig and kc 2, some blueberry crystal, bout a pound as you said, ina big ass plane that you can freely run around in, flying over top of the clouds and playing my quitar with an all you can eat bar with waiters that don't care if you smoke. thats my fantasy. oh and it never ends, endless weed 2.
  17. Location: I duno, maybe some nice sunny island on Jamaica
    Smoke: EVERYTHING. everything dank that is, especially white widow, blueberry, Purple Haze, Silver Haze... about 3.5 pounds of each.
    Who: friends, chicks, and Jimi Hendrix :D
  18. Location: In a nice house. Kinda away from other houses. Stocked with all the good stuff to keep us entertained and fed and happy.

    Bud: a pound per person with enough blunts, bowls, bongs, and hookas.

    Who: My "smoking family"
  19. A deserted island in the middle of a bright beautiful warm summer day. The island would have a beautiful beach with clear blue water. There would be big palm trees everywhere on the island and coconut and banana trees. In the middle of the island would be a huge cliff with a gigantic waterfall which led into this amazing watering hole. There would be this hot Swiss Family Robinson style tree house with rope bridges, ladders, tons of rooms, and everything in it. The tree house would be right next to the waterfall and watering hole and there would be a huge rope hanging nearby where we could swing off the tree house and into the water. I would be there with all of my friends. We would smoke in the tree house and we would pass the weed to monkeys who also were stoners. Then the monkeys would start doing funny dances and entertaining us by juggeling bananas and stuff. All sorts of animals would join us, parrots and exotic birds of all kinds would fly in with all strains of weed and smoke with us. The parrots would be comedian parrots and would be telling us jokes. In fact, ALL the animals would be able to speak with us. Anteaters with big long snouts would roll up some blunts and smoke them with us. There would be this huge elephant who would put a bowl at the tip of his nose and then funnel his lips and just beg us all to try him out. We would put the best weed around in the bowl at the top of his trunk. We would then tie a rope from the tree house down to the ground which would stretch right past the bowl on his trunk. We would put a toilet paper roll on the rope and have a parrot light the toilet paper on fire and send it down the rope. As the toiler paper burned and slid right past the weed it would light it on fire and the elephant would suck the smoke right down his trunk and we would breath is through his lips. It would turn to night and the moon would be super close, the monkeys would be playing on drums they made while the parrots would sing. We would have a HUGE fire and would spend time dancing like natives and singing, enjoying coconut drinks and banana smoothies. We would all enjoy endless weed and the company of friends and new animal friends.
  20. oh my god..... when i die i hope whoevers in charge fucks up and sends me to that guys heaven instead... that was an amazeing story dude thumbs up to ya

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