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    Hello Football Fans World Wide!

    If you enjoy Association Football (soccer) and follow the EPL, then Fantasy Premier League is a great way to get more enjoyment out of the upcoming season.

    We've got a little Grasscity league going so if anyone cares to play please sign up for some friendly competition.

    Code to join this league: 389962-148661

    In the spirit of fun the following donated prizes are up for grabs.

    grasscity Fantasy EPL League Prizes

    1st Place - 10 Barney's Farm Red Dragon (feminized) seeds (15 if Arsenal sign Barton)
    2nd Place - 5 Barney's Farm Red Dragon (feminized) seeds
    3rd Place - 1 Barney's Farm Red Dragon (feminized) seeds

    We've currently 17 players in the league which is better than expected and very encouraging. Hoping to reel in some more football fans to keep it interesting and fun.

    League starts August 13th so sign up today. It's free!
  2. In the interest of fair play and keeping it interesting I offer this guide:

    How to Play Fantasy Premier League

    I could keep it to myself but it's going to be a lot more fun if folks think they have a chance to do well and aren't completely clueless about how to build a successful squad.

    Get on board!
  3. That's fourteen! Six more to go in 7 days to get our pie in the sky 20 teams (you can have way more than 20). I wonder if there are six more folks on grasscity that like EPL and would actually participate in the league?

    Anyway, tell your friends!
  4. Fast update, 15 players in the league and still a few days till the season kicks off. Might even be more if they keep having all the mob morons looting all over the place. Anyway... can't wait... peace ya'll.
  5. Wow just wanted to say thanks beanbag for putting this all together and for everybody participating
    I've just joined so make that 16

  6. Someone got in before you footballerus7 as I'm assuming you are MUFC RED DEVILS so we actually have 17 now.

    Three more before the weekend gets us 20 but to be honest I'm so amazed by 17 that it just makes me look forward to the season start even more. Now it's likely that several of the 17 won't play but with this many players we should have a healthy and competitive season.

    Only thing I'm worried about is burning out my TiVo getting all the fixtures.

    Cheers ya'll!
  7. There are a small set of forums on the Fantasy Premier League site. Click on the Leagues tab and then click on the name of your league (grasscity). Once you are viewing the full table just click on the Forum tab under My Leagues to see the forum.

    Peace ya'll.
  8. (Reply to quote from original thread.)

    I reworked my whole team last weekend when Van Persie went to 75pct status and Van der Vaart to 50pct. Did a bunch of changes and might make more depending on when they start.

    Wonder if the free transfer window will stay open until the season actually starts or if it will still shut down on Aug 13th.
  9. I've been putting off all work on my team til Friday just so I'm not continually thinking about it and second guessing. :D

  10. Probably smart man but I just like to tinker. Since this is my first season I have no expectations so it's fun to just mess around. Good luck!
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    Service Temporarily Unavailable

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

    lololol my plan seems to be backfiring.

    EDIT: still can't log in dammit. I better not have to go through the first round with auto-picks and have to burn a wildcard because of this...
    I'm with Drogba on this one :D

  12. Yea that's fucked up on the last night of the open transfer window. Hopefully it will be back up soon.

  13. A few people i know said they were having trouble too, although everytime i have tried to get on there it has worked.

    I actually clicked that link on the bottom of the page that says 'WIN BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE TICKETS EVERY 90 MINUTES EVERY DAY' - and guess what i actually won some :hello::hello:
  14. Guess I'm fucked then... still can't get on and I'm probably heading off to smoke and watch some meteors soon.

    That's awesome. Do you get some flexibility on which date you get to see your match or what?

  15. I think you have till 10:00 AM GMT tomorrow to set your squad. Just what I remember reading on the EPL site.
  16. I may not be in any condition to get back early enough... what a tragedy!
  17. Just got in, looks like it's back up for the time being.
  18. Same. Whew.

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