Fantasy Football Draft question

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Spark It29, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Sorry guys, I know it should "technically" belong in the sports section, but its dead over there. I just have a quick question.

    My buddies and I are about to do the draft for our fantasy football league on The 8 of us are going to meet at my house to do the draft.

    Is there a way that all 8 of us can use one computer to pick all of our players? I realize there's an option for an offline draft, but there's no way to see what players are available, order, etc. like how it would be if we did an online draft.
    Is there anything I can download like a draft application?

    Pretty much, can all 8 of us use one computer to do all of our draft picks?
  2. Ehhh I doubt it.
    You should google it. But, fantasy drafts are kindof MEANT to use multiple comps so, yeah.
  3. Different tabs in different browsers maybe?
  4. do an offline draft. you can find a list of all the available players, usually in order of who the site thinks is best. i did an offline draft with my brother and his friends a year ago. only thing is make sure you print out 8 copies of the list of players. just google "2012 list of fantasy football players" or something.

    determine the order, and you just go around and pick. make sure the commish or someone is paying close attention so they can cross off players who are chosen. someitmes people get distracted and forget that a player was drafted or something.

    bu offline drafts are fun. no way you can do an online draft in the same room unless each one of you has their own laptop

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