FANTASTIC: dude plays piano with his balls!

Discussion in 'General' started by primetime21335, Sep 27, 2007.


    Truly a crazy video. I love how he builds it up to the end. At first you're like OMG, then you're like OMFG, then at the very end you're liKE HOW THE FUCK IS HE DOIN THAT!?

    I'm high.

  2. holy shit the end was absolutely insane.
  3. na man im not that impressed i thought by the sounds of the way you said it he was playing it with his nutsack. now if some guy can play piano with his cock and balls thatll impress me
  4. i'm glad he wasn't playing with his nads. although i did click the link expecting to see some sac taping.

    can you imagine how long that dude must have practiced that? i bet he's a meth head
  5. Yeah dude he's a total methhead forreal.

    Pretty impressive.

    Although I was expecting some nutsack piano playing.
  6. thats a fucking talent right there, takes incredible accuracy to do that.
  7. its like juggling and playing the piano at the same time. literally.

    That is impressive.
  8. Man...I was really hoping to come in and see some testicular tickling of the ivories.

    You let me down.
  9. hahaha sorry for letting you guys down. It's just a hook to get u to watch the clip. I thought it was worth the misleading title.
  10. Definitely worth the misleading title.. But now I'm left wondering... Can a man play the piano with his sack? Anyone up for the challenge?
  11. lol i thought he was going to play with his actual cock and testacles
    which would have been something
    but that was still pretty sweet
  12. Hate to burst peoples bubbles, however.... Despite the fact that his skill at juggling is up there... He wasn't actually playing the notes... You are able to setup a keyboard such that ANY key pressed will play the next note in the song. So all he has to do is ensure that the balls hit the keyboard and it will automatically play the song correctly.

    The evidence is apparent if you watch carefully, the notes are in the wrong places no the keyboard, by that I mean one ball emits a low tone, then the next ball that strikes to the right of it (the performer's left) emits a higher tone. Anyone who's ever played a piano would know that it should have been a lower tone. Facing the piano, low on the left, high on the right.

    Nonetheless, it is an amazing(ly old) video!

  13. Actually, I think it is the less because of that. Very much less. Damn.

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