Discussion in 'General' started by ALLDAYIDREAM420, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. Anyone every watch this when you're really baked, it was INSANE, truly a trippy experience I recommend this to anyone
  2. my grandma used to put it on all the time when i was a little kid. It would keep me busy. It is a pretty trippy movie
  3. It's on my to do list! :)
  4. me and my buddy mike used to do nothing but get high and watch disney movies. they are all great when you're high, but fantasia is especially trippy!
  5. I watched Fantasia 2000 yesterday morning while I was tripping off a few shroombars I ate, Fantasia is one hell of a trippy movie for sure defently highly recomended it was amazing :hippie:
  6. yeah fantasia is fucking amazing. I was reading stuff about alice in wonderland and all the drug references etc last night and aparently fantasia was the only other disney movie to top alice in wonderland for popularity among drug users

    these movies were actually MARKETED to stoners/college people in the 70's hahah

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