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  1. hey people. im a new time grower. i just wanted to know if its a good idea to leave the fan on from day 1 until your ready to harvest. its going to be an indoor grow project. Please if u have any suggestions write back soon!
  2. Yes you should defnietly have fans going on you plant all times.

    Papa Budz-
  3. Maybe putting the fan on the plant 24/7 ain't such a good idea?. I have a nice 7 inch plant growing strong and thick, & only like 3x i have put a fan on it. When i used to place the fan right next to my plant, the temperature increased like 10degrees, wich rose the heat up to 90 degrees. Just use miricle grow that has a high nitrogen level while it's still at vegetative. Or maybe it may be better for you if you have a larger grow space, mine is a foot and a half vertical and 4 1/2 horizontal.
  4. if you blow exhaled hits of very good weed at them they also get a lot of CO2 so i hear
  5. Uh i read in high times that its not good to smoke around your plants, it says you can smoke burn one while in your growroom if you like to look at your lil sog but don't really blow the smoke on the plants. I don't see how it would be too good for them.... but maybe i don't know what i'm talking about.
  6. a plant strengthens itself by wind and movement... just like a person... the fan acts as wind ... most outdoor plant are strong and sturdy cause of wind... and helps cool your plants which will help drying up occuring... CO2 very important for the plant to grow... its true more time you spend withyour plants the better they will grow.... i also tryed using baking soda and vinegar in a container in my grow box... i think it helped... but avoid spills very bad for plants... fans also help eliminate a little odor... very little but it helps...
  7. Man, you can use vinager for lots of thingz. Good thing i invented it (lol). My plant so far has been sprouting leaves like wh0a. Ever since i got this blue powdery miricle grow & been mysting it on my plant, it has been growing more leaves than it is getting taller, i hope this is a good thing. It is 4 inches tall (i finally got a ruler, the rest of the time i've been guessing) but it has like 5 or 6 pairs of leaves. Is this normal for rapid growth?

    This is what i gots hooked up in the grow room:

    1 33 watt flouroscent
    2 33 watt grow light flourosent
    A bowl of water and a air pump in it.
    81 degress, 30 humidity
    The walls are painted with the whitest paint i can find.
    ...i think thats it.

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