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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by wattew, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. hi

    Can you help?? im going to grow 2 plants in wardrobe have got...

    1. 250 watt hps for flowering
    2. 2 fluro lights for veg
    3. lined wardrobe with foil & sealed for darkness
    4.Got some Miracle Grow

    but will two computer fans running on trans be ok for air circulation??

    also can someone clarify the dangers with overload with the hps do i need to buy a rcd circuit breaker?

    One last thing before all systems go i have bought vermiculite and pearlit maybe a silly question but do i need soil as well or do i just mix 50 % 50 % of the above.

    Many Thanx Guys

  2. k mate....only use the fluoros while the plants are small ...say up to 6 inches then hit them with the 250w...as to the fan situation you really need an inlet and outlet pipe into the cupboard with a ( i use a bathroom extractor fan ! ) fan blowing hot air out....
    you havnt mentioned how you will get rid of this as when in flower it will be reasonably smelly !
    Not sure if a 250w needs a heavy duty contactor to switch the ballast as always used 600 so to be on safe side put ballast for 250 on a large piece of thick wood ok....just in case

    good luck..sort out that extraction...what breed are they ?
  3. either big bud or top 44, my cuboard is in an out brick shed and above the cuboard is the shed vent so would you recomend a pieace of piping from the cuboard and put near the shed vent? I must get one of those bathroom extractors then and have a second outlet at the bottom for drawing out old air and smell is that right?
  4. you will need one inlet at the bottom and it is best to situate the extractor at the top.
    The extractor will then vent out the air from your grow chamber and it would be good to place this next to (or better still in) the vent that leads out of the shed.
    Keep the little fans - they will help with circulation and give you strong stems.

    You should also buy a relay or you will keep burning out your timer when you need to switch to 12 on 12 off.

    Good luck
  5. thats what i meant with a heavy duty contactor...(relay ) or you will definately burn out timers...regularly ( from experience ! ) use flexible 4 inch ducting from the bathroom extractor ( normally 4 inches diameter , use jube clips ) .these extractors are great for bringing in air as to blowing out they will do the job providing shed is not near neighbours..just upgrade as you go then...to a proper quiet extractor

    You put the outlet at the top cos hot air rises so the smell rises too...cold air is dense so it is drawn in at the bottom and the circulating fans blow it around

    As to the perlite / vermic mix...you are using pots i guess so you need soil ( john innes no2 is the best ) so mix 2 thirds soil to 1 third perlite ...dont bother with vermic...so the plant can use the nitrogen in the soil..if you just used perlite/vermic they wouldnt grow without feed from the start and ya dont want to do that...
    Dont feed them till week 4 ok...this is important...resist..lol..otherwise you will most probably overfeed with m-gro ( its hard to judge ) and they will show leaf burn and maybe die due to soil lock up...
    good luck mate let us know how you go

  7. You should also just paint the inside of your cupboard with a white gloss paint, i would not recommend using foil as you will create "hotspots" and cause burning to the plants. White paint is also more reflective.
    good luck.
  8. i agree with the foil thing.
    Best to use myalar or black and white.
    definately need the fan though

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