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  1. so i was listening to bent life by aesop rock and c-ray fucking spits in that song. does anyone know of any of his albums that sound like that? because i have his one with sharkley, and that fucking sucks.
  2. C-Rayz albums (Ones that I own)...

    Ravipops- his best in my opinion. Love this album, some of the lines are truly sick
    Who Da Fuck Are You- his most recent. Pretty solid. I'm feeling it.
    Year Of The Beast- Hit or miss for me. Some nice tracks, Some I'm not really feelin.
    Limelight- Very solid album, hard to find though. I'd suggest checking it out
    We Live, The Black Samurai LP- Haven't given it much play but from what I've heard its not that bad.

    He also has a good amount of other underground albums that I can't seem to find anywhere, but would like to. I don't really care for the collabo albums but overall C-Rayz Walz is definitely one of my favorite artists. Hope that helps
  3. shit man, ravipops is ill, i bought it yesterday. i'm really gettin into this. good shot.
  4. I've been meaning to pick up some shit by C-Rayz... would you suggest Ravipops then? Or should I find a mixtape cause I hear he's a freesyle genius
  5. i have listened to ravipops three times in a row. haha. i have we live (the black samurai ep) and c-rayz with sharkley and those both are terrible imo.
  6. I would definitely pick up Ravipops
  7. Download or aquire The black samurai - by C-ray walz its just a good album. also there freestyles are pretty good when aesop, c-ray and vast aire are sitting around puffin on blunts freestylin' on youtube
  8. Ive had the "Ravipops" album for awhile now. I think thats his best! I love the "Bazooka Tooth" album from Aesop also...theres so many tho from each artists

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