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  1. I use a 6 ft cabinet in a closet - cabinet is 2.5 ft length - 1.5 ft width. 250w lights. I have used it for several nice grows.

    Up until now I have exhausted using a 55 cfm fan & using deodorizers for the odor - However with WW & AK47 in my future odor control is more of a concern

    What size fan would be sufficient to exhaust that size area

    I plan to DIY on the carbon filter - Does a carbon scrubber work any better than a carbon filter

  2. Im growing in exactly the same dimentions cabinet. I got a centrifugal fan doing 110cubic meters, and a carbon filter, both are placed outside the cabinet for maximizing the space inside. Make sure the fan is centrifugal so it can push the air throught the filter. So far absolutly no problem with smell
  3. great minds think alike someone said a very lonnngg time ago, ive tried & testing the same idea so far so good,just make sure the fan you use has a bit of power in it or you won't get the pull that you need other than tht i shouldnt think your'l hav a problem :smoke:
  4. 6" vortex and a filter from foothill should do it.. check ebay for deals
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    been eyeing a 100-110 CFM computer type DC fan & would use an AC converter - currently I use old 115vac dayton fans

    I planned on the carbon filter being 4" diameter - 1 1/2 ' feet tall

    Although I would have my fan mounted inside

    thanks I am in no hurry to start the grow - I only do it in the fall/winter

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