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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Smokedogg, Oct 20, 2002.

  1. hey i had another question does any one know an tricks tio keep the grow box at the right temp? I got lots of vents and teh exhaust fan in the top left corner but it is still sitting at like 35 degrees celcious.....the box is 2x2x5 feet high and has a 400 hps light in it
  2. the room is defnitely under 25 degress so yeah i coudl put in another fan one prob a bit strapped for cash as i had to buy teh light and wood for teh grow box and soon i need some more seeds and teh exhaust fan i got now cost me $50 and teh guy that sold it to me said it woudl keep teh temp at liek 25-28 so hopefully when i go back he will be bale to do something for me......but yeah i reckon i will just have to get another fan...
  3. yeah I live in NZ and the room temp will definitly be under 35 degrees celcious every day and night....I've got it on 20 hours light and four off at the moment but I only have her in a cupboard with fluros so growth is reasonably slow....coz im worried that the HPS is too hot and dont want to kill her...dont really want to lower the temp of the room it is already cold enuff in NZ...haha.

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