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    few fans from my old gaming consoles. Now the problem is i cant seem to get these to work as a cool system. I have a few cellphone wall chargers but they dont seem to work. The plugs are extremely tiny so i dont think the negative and positive wires are gonna work.

    Ive been only find USB stuff and its really ticking me off.

    Anyone have any idea how to get these fans to work properly using cellphone wall chargers?

    a few wires on the fans are split but i can just cut it shorter so they aren't anymore.

    are there any power cords out there where i connect my fans to it and make it work?

    I've spent the past grueling hours on researching and attempting to make the fans work but no progress. just insulators all over the place.

  2. Cellphone chargers don't usually provide enough power. I use an old printer power cable.
    If you don't have one try and go to radio shack for power supplies. Or try the 2nd hand store and look for cheap appliances or whatever that have a 12v transformer for the power supply.
  3. ah thanks. but i was wondering like which wire goes into which like i tore off a plug with a black and white insulation but the fan has a red and black wired insulation.
  4. It wont hurt anything if you wire them together wrong. It just won't work. Then switch the wires and then it should work. If not, then you may need a bigger power supply. Generally put black to black. Don't worry about doing it wrong, it really won't do anything!
  5. ah thank you.

    Just gonna grab the ipod usb wall chargers and use Ipod usb's

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