fancy shmancy glass pipe - first piece

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    started smokin a month ago with 2 buds of mine (one of em OLIVER420) and we were bored one day (and tired of the pipe we were using which was made out of brass gas pipe fittings) so we hit up the smoke shop and bought a glass piece:

    ps sorry about the shitty quality of the pics (i blow with a camera)



    its pretty hard to see but its got a carb hole on the side and shit its awesome. also does anyone know how to stop so much weed from falling past the bowl and into the pipe when we're packing it? or is that normal
  2. I've got more pictures from my phone which I'll upload in a sec.
  3. Get a glass screen for it dude, they are like 2 for 99 cents at your headshop
  4. right on i'll give er a looksee sometime
  5. Just put fat nugs in it until it builds up some resin and you can then grind up your bud, if you choose, and bam, problem solved.
  6. fancy shmancy my ass
  7. Fancy shmancy as hell, son.
  8. For a small pipe like that, instead of a screen (which may be too big) just put a smaller nug at the bottom, then load it up with ground/picked weed. It'll help keep stuff pulling through until everything has been burned.
  9. I think the last guy made a good point, but you can most deff buy smaller screens which will keep ash seeping through into your mouth!
  10. Cool, its nice.

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