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  1. Have you ever seen a movie and felt that it was made just for you?

    Thats how I felt when I left Fanboys. If you are lucky enough to be near a theater playing it, I highly recommend you go see it.

    Unless of course, if you hate on Star Wars fans this flick is not for you.

    Rife with cameo appearances, this motion picture stars Jay Baruchel (Tropic Thunder, Knocked Up) Sam Huntington (Detroit Rock City, not much else) Chris Marquette (Girl Next Door), Dan Fogler (Balls of Fury) and Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall).

    Though Star Wars references are the staple of the film, it is really a coming of age tale about four friends that discover themselves over the course of a lengthy road trip from somewhere in Ohio to Skywalker Ranch in California.

    I give this movie my seal of approval.
    Yea, nothing to do with grass, but a good movie all the same.

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