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  1. How do I convert this fan to use in my grow box. 12v 9v 6v? What do I need? Where can I pick up all that is needed?

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    that looks like it came out of the back of a computer. if so then i just wired mine to a 12v charger. any kinda of battery charger worked fine as long as it was 12v. but the fans i connected only had 2 wires, yours has 3, im guessing ones the ground. usually the ground is black or green. the hot is always red and the neutral is always white in house circuitry. soo... you have a yellow in there lol. i have seen a yellow ground wire before... but its very rare. (probably a electricians mistake)

    i found this to help you, different country's have different color codes.
  3. 12v with red to red and black to black (or black to black and red to black-with-white-stripe on an adapter)
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    i am fairly positive the red and yellow are both power its just one is for a higher load or speed... don't quote me on this but i am pretty sure. as for power any old charging device... i used one from one of those toy vehicle things... i think im using 9 volt but it may be 12 volt and I have a variable speed dial and it seems to be working great i have had it running nonstop for about a month now.

    I retract that previous statement haha... yellow is neutral? fuck yellow... yellow wires usually arent important... lol

    I have mine hooked to the black and red wires... go with that
  5. Funny you should ask....I just hooked up one of these today. The red goes to red, the black goes to black.....the yellow wire is your ground wire.....just let it hang.

    Clip off the ends of the wires and get yourself a ac to dc want it to say:

    Input 120v
    Output 12 v (assuming you have a 12v computer fan...if not then you want the output to match your computer fan rating).

    Cut off the ends of the converter and just splice the red-red and black-black together, throw some electrical tape around the connections and you have yourself a plug in fan.

    very easy to do.


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