Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by ggcoreboy, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. i have a regular oscillatiing fan, if i leave it on the first setting,it shouldnt be too much for the plants should it?
  2. it should be fine as long as the fan isnt too close, do you know and specs about the fan?

  3. u want the plants to just shimmer in the breaze. if theyr bendin right over its to much. if the 1st setting is to much then point the fan at a wall by the plants so the breaze hits the wall then the plants and that shud b ok. as the plants get bigger turn up the fan.
  4. im a fucking pothead, so i didnt think to look at the specs of the fan before i bought it...i set as far away as i could, and put it on low, the leaves sway, and the stems move a little ( this is the point tho right), is this ok?
  5. spot on m8.

    btw iv never looked at a fans specs, just the price lol.
  6. i always fingd out as much as kan......its a problem......

  7. so's ur spelin

  8. wot? u makin fun of my spelin?

    lmao jk:D
  9. thanx but im dislexic not stupid
  10. dislexic? never heard that one

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