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Fan Ventilation - 4x4 Grow Tent

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by calicheese23, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. I have a Dark Room that is 4x4x6.5

    I don't have it set up as I want to get a few more things before putting my flowering plants in there (they are not doing so well in a spare room).

    My question is what should I do to ventilate the grow tent?
    -I only have enough money right now to only pick up one fan and some ducting this week.
    -I have one small (6x12; 275CFM) carbon filter that has only been used for one grow so far.
    -I was thinking of getting a 6" Vortex fan.
    -I am running a 600w light with no air cooled hood (will get one eventually)

    Would my best bet be to set up the carbon filter at the top of the tent, then set up ducting from the carbon filter leading to the fan connected to the exhaust hole with more ducting out to the window?

    Would I be able to get some cheap fans at walmart or something to blow some air into the intake hole near the bottom of the tent? Or should I just wait till I get another fan?

    When I get the two fans I need (and the air cooled hood) should both fans be a 6" vortex fan?

    Any criticism, links or ideas would be greatly appreciated:)
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    That 6" Vortex a speed control will be enough to cool the lamp, and I would advise getting a sealed hood for that purpose.

    Run a smaller fan for your ventilation through the filter and out the structure, but I advise putting a speed control on it also.

    It really helps when you can "dial in" the system.

    I wouldn't try to blow air into the tent.
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    Edit: Check my next post for my final idea. I think it's less complex and will work.
    Thanks for the reply jollyrancher1!

    So that 6" vortex would be too much juice to be used to exhaust from the filter (and eventually hood)? Would a 6" Can Fan with 270CFM be better for this?

    If that would work, I might have some cash left over (the can fan is from craigslist) to get the 6" vortex later in the week. If I got the 6" vortex and installed it outside the tent to blow air into the tent, would my tent be pretty well ventilated? Will I have a positive or negative pressure?

    I've read about positive and negative pressure and I'm not quite sure what that means in relation to my grow tent.

    Or should I just go with my original plan and get a 6" vortex for exhaust and save up for another 6" vortex for intake (and eventually a sealed hood)?

    Thanks again for the help guys

    Edit: You wouldn't suggest having an intake at all to get cool air in the tent? Sorry I'm new to this.
  4. Alright I think I have it figured out now. I'm not going to go with the 6" can-fan because I'm worried it might not be enough CFM to exhaust vent.

    So I'm just going to get one 6" vortex with speed control and use that for my exhaust this week. Then in two weeks (next paycheck) I will get another 6" vortex with speed control for the passive intake and I will pick up an air cooled sealed hood for the light and hook that up to my exhaust.

    Thanks JollyRancher1 for your quick reply and help:D

    Let me know if my final idea is no good.
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    Rule of thumb is to never force air into the cabinet or the lamp.

    Always draw air out of the cabinet so you have negative pressure.

    This is so you don't leak stink.

    Same with the lamp.

    You don't want a leak to pressurize the cabinet so draw air over the lamp.

    This is better also, because you can mount the fans in an attic or elsewhere and get rid of any noise.

    Here is my rig:

  6. Thanks again JollyRancher1 for your help. +rep

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