Fan temperature/speed controller question

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  1. Are there fan speed controllers that maintain a temperature that DONT turn the fan completely off and then on again ? I need one that lowers the fan speed when it needs to but still continues to run on low as to maintain negative pressure in the grow box to keep controll of the odor 24/7. :)
  2. im planning on running two fans one on a temp control and a smaller one to run constantly, thinking a six and a four
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    Well i just had another idea, because i have an AC with a digital temperature thermostat that controlls the temp of the bedroom the grow box is in. So in theory i should be able to figure out the temperature sweet spot to set the Ac temperature which should in turn maintain the growbox temp because it will be intaking the cool bedroom air into the grow. Then i could just keep the filtered exhaust running on a constant speed. That certainly would make things simple. But i dont know... things dont always work out when they come from your head to the real world...

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