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  1. Hey all just looking to see what you guys use for a fan speed controller and how you like it. The guy at the hydro store sold me a zephyr 3 which only turns the fan on and off based on temperature. I just bought my fan filter for my 3x3 and I got the active air, I am just going to get a second one of these controllers for my 4x4 unless there is a problem with this brand.. so let me know what you guys use. Thanks
  2. One more thing while I am shopping around. I am going to get a couple of the meters you wire into the lights and the are lights off options. Do i need a ac or DC one? Here is what I am looking at.
  3. I use a cheap-o vivosun fan speed controller off of amazon...didn't cost me more than 10-15$. It gets the job done, but it's an analogue type than you have to manually adjust, and only has a 'high', 'medium', and 'low'. Not much room for customization. I use it for my drying tent to adjust the fan speed down really low so my plants take about 10 days to dry and be jarred.
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