Fan speed controller - varispeed?

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  1. I just got a swift air 6 inch 412 Cfm inline fan.
    I'm gonna need a speed controller.
    ill try one of these varispeed controllers and hope it works. The reviews are 50/50 1 star / 5 star :/


    Anyone got one? Any other recommendations?
  2. I got one for my 4 inch fan. It was a waste of money. Instead of the whole dial controlling speed from slowest to fastest, only the last few millimeters did. Such a minute amount of play on the dial was of no use to me. You might have better luck though.
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  3. I've not used any other controllers so have no others to compare to, my expectations were a bit let down when I first used this, I still do but find it a bit awkward to get it set to the speed I want.

    The control speed dial seems to have different ranges where it actually operates, depending on which type of fan I connect it to. Only about 15 degrees of the top end of the dial controls the speed, anything below pretty much shuts the fan off, except about half way down there is another small 15 degree window where adjusting the dial seems to control the speed at a slower rate too. I doubt this is a feature of the product and something to do with how it is a basic cheaply wired universal dimmer.

    In other words, the dial which turns about 180 degrees, is useless for 150 degrees which is what makes it hard to set the speed when you think you're going to have a dial for 180 available, but only really have 15 degrees of control.

    Not tried hooking it up to my duct fan to test it on that though, only a 12", 9" and 6" oscillating.
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  4. Or get a fan with a controller already on it
  5. I have used these very good performance
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  6. Variable Fan/Router Speed Controller Hydroponics Inline Fan Exhaust Air 1500W
    $18.95 at Amazon Prime
  7. I see you must being in the UK
    Different plugs sorry
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  8. I use that same exact one... Couldn't be happier with it.
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  9. I have two Never a problem had them a good number of yrs
  10. Thanks a lot guys. So 1 found this, just plug and play? Seems nice and easy. My fan is 412 cfm @ 138w . Can I plug them both into an extension cord with the other fans? I have them all pluged in together atm, it's just when I turned this new fan on it was like a jet engine lol, it's not too powerful for a extension cord is it?


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