Fan or Carbon Filter 1st?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by simont123, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. Hi all :wave:

    What would everyone think the best setup is? Placing the carbon filter before the extraction fan or the carbon filter after it?

    Thanks again for any helpers!
  2. I've always seen the filter After the fan. I would imagine its better for the vent system if you're trying to blow through something rather than suck through something..know what I mean?
  3. i think fans are more efficiant when they are sucking the air.


    when you blow the air through, a lot bounces off.

    when you suck the air, no air goes to waste.

    just my opinion though.
  4. You're fans wouldn't be moving anywhere near as much air around if they are trying to suck through a filter. At least it seems that way to me...
  5. I am a engineer at a oil refinery (not bragging) and i have never seen a filter after any primemover, I have only ever seen negative pressure in the filtration area. No matter what happens your filter is going to slow air. But yes, you always want your air filtered before it gets to the fan, Always.
  6. Filtering before the fan not only increases the efficiency of the filtration, but also stops dust and particulate debris from building up on the fan itself.

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