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  1. Should i trim away most of the dieing fan leaves when the plant reaches 8 weeks of flower? Isnt the plant trying to kill them anyways to focus more energy on the bud?
  2. The leaves will drop on their own, when they do you can just grab em off the floor/soil. If you really hate seeing those leaves, you can very gently pull on the leaf's stem and if it doesn't come off gently then leave it be.
  3. The only reason that I ask is I read somewhere about how buds don't use them in late flowering, How it's advantageous to give the bud more direct light penetration.
  4. I pull some of mine off if they are blocking light to lower buds. So far no ill effects. Seems to help with the lower buds as well, I am in week 7.
  5. Oh, well if you want more light to reach lower buds, then I guess you could. Or better yet you can slice off the lowest stems of the plant...all that is usually a popcorn bud zone so by cutting it off the plant focuses it's energy and nutrients on the top buds.
  6. Hmm I like the idea of focusing more energy on the larger buds, and at the same time getting to try my hard work a little early. Ill let you guys know what I decide to do.
  7. This is a method of growing, you don't want to trim the fan leaves but just the leaves at the bottom and yes it makes the plant focus all it's energy towards the bud.

    It's never a good idea to trim fan leaves.
  8. Exactly. Skunky knows whats up :smoking:

  9. Excatelly what i do.

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