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  1. This is happening on a few fan leaves on a 31/2' tall White Widow that is 3 weeks into flower, should I be worried? What to do. Thanks

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  2. i dont know but maybe u should searching for some sick plants like yours

    hey man im growing a white widows too can u subscribe and give me some advice?

    the last pics they have 1/2week the 4 red pots is the white wds and d another ones unknown seeds =) but doing pretty cool i guess
  3. Phosphorus def. and it looks like maybe water with nutes in it was spilled on leaves.
  4. It seems to be on only 2 leaves. I think you're right about the nute splash. I've been using Fox Farms Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom 1/2 label strength. I'll back off the nutes and just do a water only feed the next couple times. I'll keep my eye on the situation. She's blooming nicely! :)
  5. That's not a P def. The chlorosis from a P def starts at the tips. That's either from pouring water on them with nutrients or a pH problem. I recommend checking the pH with a soil tester.

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