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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Chicago-toker, May 28, 2004.

  1. I am growing indoors for the first time. I have 6 plants nearing the end of the budding cycle. There are many large leaves shading many of the buds. Can these be removed w/o harming the rest of the plant? I have grown outdoors before and have not needed to worry about this. Also, how many leaves can be removed at this time?
  2. you can remove some but not all..........try to locate the ones that are doing the most blocking and selectively remove them, with a sterelised razor, or scissors...........a good pic would be handy, that way we'd know how many leaves your talking about and help you select them........if you want?..........Peace out.........Sid

    remember that they're still needed as they contain Nitrogen as well as other chemicals that the plant will use more of at the final 2 weeks of flowering............. cut some but not too many.
  3. With only 2-3 weeks to go should I even be worried about it? I am growing with a bank of fluoros so would it even make a difference? Will try to get a pic out soon.
  4. HIGH All, hey Chicago-toker welcome to the there anyway of moving the leaves out of the know like tuck them behind the Bud site so it gets more light. If you really have to cut a few leaves O.F.F.F. it wouldn't be a problem.

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