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  2. That plant is outta control. You need more lights. That thing needed some LST some time ago...
  3. What do you mean LST ?
  4. Low stress training. The point is to keep the plant short and under control so you get better light distribution. As of now, your best bet would be to get more lights in my opinion. If you must cut the leaves, make sure you cut only have of a fan leave off at any given time. Also do not do too much trimming. You do not want to shock your girl and stunt her growth, although maybe at this point that would not be such a bad thing...
  5. When determining whether or not to trim a leaf, I simply ask myself, "is this leaf preventing budsites below it from receiving adequite lighting?" If the answer is yes, trim it. If no, leave it! Don't even worry about overtrimming, just make sure that leaves aren't in the way of buds. I -promise- you there will be more leaves =)

  6. Cool this is what i went ahead and did and just trimd them all up! Its looks great not looks like the light is shining all over it! THanks!

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