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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by paul1964, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. I have more plants than advisable in a small area and i move them regularly to get as much light as poss. But to really get the lower buds moving i need to remove some fan leaves is this ok. Secondly i have 11 females 1 light 600w hps will this be a problem that the plants will not get enough growth because the light is concentrated on to many plants. Should i remove some or perservere and crop them all. If i remove some i was thinking that i would probably get the same weight of crop either way. What do u think. Appolliogies for all the questions lately im in the novice stage.

    Thanks Paul

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  2. the lights big enough, just depends on the dimensions of the room......?.......Peace out.......Sid

    ps, better to tie the plants down than trim, but if you have to trim, try cutting the fan leaves in half, this way they still work for photosynthesis, and the plant doesn't loose too much energy..........Peace out........Sid
  3. oh you have hit a touchy subject with the grow mods with this one.

    IMHO, its ok to cut back some fan leaves to allow better light penetration throughout the plant and not all at once, a little bit every week. I have never thought about Sid's comments about cutting the fans in half to allow them to function and allow further penetration. Good idea Sid! But I

    You can always buy some cheap fluoros and put them beneath the plant shining up into the plant to allow more light

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