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  1. Not sure what's happening.
    313ppm and 216 ppm both plants have the same spot. They are in their 4th and 6th week of veg.

    Just a lil background info. The 6 week old was stunted bc I'm a noob and over nuted. I saved her and she is green except for the Orangeish whitish spots. It seriously looks like beach. I kept adding to the res feeding her a 700ppm up until I realised I wasn't checking the ppm of the res ever. So I finally did and my meter read 10x 100 something. I freaked bc I realised she wasn't taking in what I was putting. I cleaned the res. I lowered the ppm to the 300-400 and she's only taking in 100, or its the same ppm, or she added more back to the water!? How is that possible? The information about the other plant is the same story. Should I bump the nutes back up to 700 in the res? Since I'm past the 4th week of veg should i switch to my bloom nutes? I feel a bit lost at the moment. I topped all the plants so the growth has been stunted. I defiantly went a bit over board with it. I've stopped for a week now. They are very bushy but aren't stretching. I've heard that when I go to bloom they will stretch then? Help! Lol. Thank you!

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  2. Looks like you have WPM.
    Also, how much cal/mag do you feed them? And pH?
  3. Looks like PM and PH spotting
  4. That's so strange. I'm using sensi a and b perfect ph. I tested all of them and they are yellow. Which is in the money area I believe. Does this cover my cal mag? "Sensi a/b"
    Humidity 46%
  5. Doesn't pm wipe off? And pm = powdery mildew right?

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