Fan leaves getting claws on the tips?

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  1. I have 9 plants that are 3 weeks old under a 8 4 foot t5 bulbs for veg. The top of the canopy is 3 inches away from the bulbs. The temps are around 70-78f during lights on and 65-70f lights off. All the same strains.

    I transplanted when they were clones into 3 gal pots with FFOF soil. Haven't feed any nutrients exept silica at 2ml 1x a week since the soil is usually good with nutes for a few weeks. I was about to start veg nutes this week. I water with tap at 6.5 ph 30ppm(soft water tap)

    Every plant looks healthy as fuck except one of them is starting the get a few leaves with some weird claws but the leaf is normal colored(green).

    I thought it might have been heat stress but it's happening in the middle of the plant and I doubt it's a nitrogen toxicity. I Don't think it's overwatering as well. None of my other plants are doing this and my leaves aren't dark colored green. It's very minor right now I just don't want it to get bigger.

    What do you guys think? If there is any info I left out let me know

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  2. Looks like nitrogen tox to me. Leaves look a dark green + claw = nitrogen tox IMO. Ocean forest is a hot soil so it's very possible. I would flush her or do a good water to runoff at least, wash some of the salts and nutes out.
  3. I don't ouldnt cut healthy leaves off your plant just to take a picture...

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  4. If you want help why not show everyone the entire plant not just a leaf you pinched off of it...
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  5. Nitro tox 1st then 2nd could be too much water. Need to see entire plant
  6. From the description it sounds like he hasn't fed it at all and it's just in FFOF. I doubt it's nitro toxic. It could be a little high in nitro because FFOF is quite a hot soil.

    My guess is the clawing is caused by lack of air to the roots which will give you similar symptoms to overwatering. I didn't hear any mention of you mixing in perlite with the medium. Mixing 20% perlite with your soil will also help water down the strong FFOF soil a little. It will increase drainage/aeration and aid in a higher feed rate. I would also recommend you transplant to a fabric pot.
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  7. Since other plants don't have it......i have to rethink my position. Could that pot of ffof be hotter than the others? I am guessing this will stop on it's own
  8. Fox farm yes is a hot soil try happy frog next tyme

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  9. I've used ffof for like 3 years and I still feed the crap out of my girls including ff granulars and trio. Just monitor. Air flow sounds about right

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  10. My locomotion looks like that if it gets a touch too much food. I’ve noticed many (blue) strains do that. The other plants usually look fine but that one is just a touch more sensitive. Just some plain water should help. Make sure you don’t overwater or flush. Just normal plain water till you see improvement. About 3 waterings or one week then resume normal schedule. IMO.

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