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    any opinions whether to leave on or remove fan leafs
    I was talking to an old grower (73) and he said he removes fan leafs durring flowering:confused:
    I have not tried this only removing when they yellow
    just wondering what your thoughts were
    thanks :smoke:
  2. I would not cut any of the fan leaves off unless they are dead. The fan leaves contain the energy the plant uses to bud, which is why they eventually turn yellow and die. Taking away fan leaves takes energy from the plant. It would be like taking a tire off your car....yeah it will still run, but you won't get very far.....

  3. well said

    I onlt take them off when they come of with a very very light pull. If they stick I wait till the next day.
  4. thanks for the info
    I thought as much , but it never hurts to ask
  5. They say they only pull theirs when they get really yellow. But IMO if you pull them right when u see them turning a lighter green then instead of the plant focusing its energy on trying to keep that fan leaf alive, it can instead use its energy in creating fatter, denser buds.

  6. yes, Very well said, as I too have spoken with a number of older, mature well educated growers, and they have also done this as well. Why use the extra energy on the extra fan leaves? yes leave enough for the plant to maintain a healthy and functional lifestyle, but take the unnecessary excess off and have the plant focus its energy all into the bud itself. You can't beat mother nature, but we can manipulate to the plants advantage right? I too have read the books and most of them will say to leave it alone, but when you take it from someone whose had years in the field its kinda hard to ignore IMHO.
  7. Go look at my orange kush thread, I pulled alot of fan leaves buds are hard and big!
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    The plant is not keeping the fan leafes alive. The plant is killing that leaf by taking the nutes from the the leaf and derecting in to growth. When the plant is done with that leaf it will start on another. All the fan leafes will yellow and die of anyway. So I never understood pulling them early when they will be the first leafs to yellow and die and being out of the way anyway. Hmmm

    You ever wonder why most folks use bloom ferts? The plant gets all in (N) from the fan leafs. By pulling all the fan leafs you are not letting your plant grow right in my thinking.

    Agin your buds are sucking food from those fan leafs. Buds and triks do not grow more buds. Leafs grow buds.

    Also it is a proven fact that sun travels right thru MJ leafes. ?????
  9. Not dis agreeing, I am still on the fence myself with this topic, but in that case, could it go in favor of quality over quantity?
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    Its not so easy ... plant need leaves of course.But energy come from light source.
    There is no food/monosaccharides in the leaves if is no light ... water ... or CO2.
    You all eat food,N.P.K.B2.B3.Fe etc etc but your body all that switch to sugars ... even human body works on sugars, but not same type of sugar like plant.

    So, there is question about just getting tops or stop tops for week and got more buds from bottom & inside branches.
    Yes tops will slow but in same time other buds will hardly push and grow in big one... on that way any branch will be cola.

    Also, its very very very important to know when and which fan leaves to remove first.
    Its not just fan leaves removing, because noobish play with this plant organ brings more problems than goods.
    Plants are in groups, if not by root system than by reproduction, if not reproduction than leaves,if not leaves than requested water and water storage etc etc
    So its not same removing leaves from plants of C3 or C4 group about CAM's dont even think, but canna allows this little game!

    Yes, leaves removing is something good for yield, will slow flowering for max one week but will not ruin potency.
    Also, depends of genetic, its not good removing fan leaves from any canna type.
    It will not made to plant die but she will not react on this act same like some other hybrid or landrace. She will slow but will not push small buds in big but will slow and back all removed leaves to made big panels for light collecting.
    However, all that is small game with light / sugar / surviving.

    Grower must KNOW plant what he cultivate to can made best what is possible or he can shot in dark so ... worst is to lose one week in flowering.

    5150, yes it is truth to light pass cross the leaves.
    Also there is not fact or evidence why all plants are green ... simple science dont know why plants are green ;)

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