Fan leaf spots - Drying up! Please help! AK47

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  1. Any help here would be greatly appreciated! Helping a buddy with a med. grow, can get better photos if needed. Thanks!

    How long has this problem been going on? 6 Days
    What STRAIN are you growing? AK47
    What was the establishing technique? (seed or clone?) Clone
    What is the age of your plants? 2 1/2 months
    How long have they been in the soil mixture they are in now? 2 1/2 Months
    Were they in the same mixture when they were seedlings/smaller plant? If not, what mixture were they in before? Seed Mix to start, transplanted into FFHF
    How Tall are the plants? 30-36 inches
    What PHASE (seedling, vegetative or flower) are the plants in? Flower
    What Technique are you using? (SOG, SCROG etc) Topped once at 1 month veg.
    What size pots are you using? (Include how many subjects to pot) 1 plant per pot, 8 gallon pots
    What substrate/medium are you using? What brand of soil mixture are you using?(percentage of perlite, vermiculite...etc?) Fox Farm Happy Frog
    What brand Nutrient's are you using? Botanicare
    How much of each nutrient are you using with how much water? *Knowing the brand is very helpful* ONLY USED ONCE 2 days after problem started... 3ml Cal-Mag and 5ml Liquid Karma
    How often are you feeding? Only the one time
    If flowering, when did you switch over to using Bloom nutrients? N/A
    What order are you mixing your nutrients? (example: veg nutes 1st, bloom 2nd ect) N/A
    What is the pH of the "RUN-OFF"?
    How often are you testing pH/ppm/EC/TDS? Never
    How often are you watering?
    Every 3-4 days
    What size bulb are you using? 400W
    How old is your bulbs? Almost a year
    What is the distance to the canopy? 12"
    What is your RH Factor? (Relative Humidity) About 40%
    What is the canopy temperature? Not hot enough burn.
    What is the Day/Night Temp? (Include fluctuation range) high 70s/low 80s in day, 60s in night.
    What is the current Air Flow? (cfm etc.) Passive
    Is the fan blowing directly at plants?
    Is the grow substrate constantly wet or moist? No
    Is your water HARD or SOFT? N/A
    What water are you using? Reverse Osmosis (RO)? Tap? Bottled? Well water? Distilled? Mineral Water? Rain Water
    Are you using water from a water softener?
    Has plant been recently pruned, cloned or pinched? Topped once at 1 month veg, minor pruning to lowest smallest branches a week+ before flowering.
    Have any pest chemicals been used? If so what and when? Floramite SC once about a week old, 100% eliminated mites.
    Are plant's infected with pest's? No



  2. you should check your ph i think its off a little
    you can get a test kit from a pet store for pretty cheap
  3. I'm going to see what I can do with them today...

    I topped the soil a few days ago, and was hoping that would help by now, still looks like we have a problem with them. Should I sprinkle some dolomite lime on the top and let it run thru with the watering? I am assuming the soil is too acidic being FFHF, the peat has probably started to break down.
  4. did you flush before you started flowering if not give it a shot
    it should bring your ph back up
  5. Flushed and hit with guano tea after the flush, is there anything else I should do to replace the nutes in the soil? Thanks!
  6. you should go to a pet store and a fish tank ph test kit it does not cost much
    and the test your runoff and is there any bugs on her
  7. Absolutely no bugs.

    We have a new pH tester, cost about 75 bucks. We flushed the plants w/ pHed water and tested the runoff at the end of the flush, was about 5.7-6.1ish on all 4, but from what many people tell me, testing runoff water is not a good way to judge soil pH especially in organics.

    Anyway, we brewed a guano tea and fed with that to reinstate the microherd and plan on doing some feeding with Botanicare Pro Bloom. Problem is still gradually getting worse, the Cal/Mag Plus we used on them did not seem to help, and the flush and then the tea did not seem to help...
  8. Look a little like mine. Also struggling with an answer.

    PH run-off should be 6.5. Water with PH 8 water until it drops.
  9. don,t use water will a ph above 7.0 or you may make the problem worst
    what you should do is ph your water at 6.9-7.0 and maybe use a little powder lime
    on the soil and water it through
  10. I originally flushed with water that was pHed to 6.7, about 20 gallons per plant, then added my guano tea after the flush. Tea pH after brewing for 24 hrs was about 7.0.

    I have some powdered dolomite lime, should I sprinkle the top with some and water it thru to try to help regulate the pH better...

    In my own previous personal grows I had always added dolomite to the soil before hand and let the soil cook like a month before using it and seemed to have pretty good luck.

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